Amateur Yearling Colts Level 3

Amateur Yearling Colts Level 3

Irrefutable and Christopher Perniciaro get the world championship for owners Chris and Laura Perniciaro.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Irrefutable Pedigree: 2018 chestnut colt (Ecredible-Wickyd Intentions by My Intention) Breeder: Kelli Butler of Sperry, Oklahoma Owner: Chris and Laura Perniciaro of Leslie, MIchigan Exhibitor: Christopher Perniciaro of Leslie, MIchigan Total Class Entries: 13 Purse: $13,902 (est.) World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, courtesy of Lucas Oil World Show; Awards Recognition Concepts sterling-silver buckle with 14-karat-gold overlay, courtesy of Lucas Oil World Show; Specially designed logoed jacket and world champion patch, courtesy of S+S Ranchwear; 100 pounds of Nutrena feed; and a neck wreath Reserve World Champion: Bigger Dreams and Josh Weakly of Shelbyville, Illinois Third Place: Gotta Bad Addiction and Adam Matthews of Gordonville, Texas Fourth Place: LFL Eligiance and Logan A. Lorenz; owned by Logan A. Lorenz, Murray, Kentucky Fifth Place: Once Upon A Time and Mark Williams; owned by Mark Williams, Cottonwood, California Sixth Place: GLS Uptown Secret and Joy Stehney; owned by Jeffrey A. and Joy Stehney, De Soto, Kansas Seventh Place: Xtravagance and Lonn Smallwood; owned by Lonn and Kathy Smallwood, Pilot Point, Texas Eighth Place: Fully Explosive and Karen A. Torrice; owned by Alexandra Strom, Lexington, Oklahoma Ninth Place: Giannis Malibu Bay and Rebecca Lynn Turner; owned by Rebecca Lynn Turner, Asheboro, North Carolina

Level 2 Champions

Level 2 Champion: Irrefutable and Christopher Perniciaro Level 2 Reserve Champion: LFL Eligiance and Logan Lorenz of Murray, Kentucky Level 2 Third Place: Giannis Malibu Bay and Rebecca Lynn Turner of Asheboro, North Carolina