Equine Research Funding

Equine Research Funding

View the recommendations from the Equine Research Committee that were recently approved by the American Quarter Horse Foundation Board of Trustees.

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The American Quarter Horse Foundation Board of Trustees recently reviewed and approved grant funding for projects recommended by the Equine Research Committee. The Board of Trustees approved funding of $206,556 from the Foundation’s general research fund for the following projects:

  • “The Evaluation of the Novel Intestinal Biomarkers to Aid in the Diagnosis of Intestinal Ischemia in Clinical Cases of Equine Colic” at North Carolina State University

  • “Immunogenicity of a Novel S Protein Vaccine for Equine Strangles” at Texas A&M University

  • “Multi-Dose Clodronate Use on Bone Histomorphology and Cellular Apoptosis in Juvenile Exercising Quarter Horses” at Texas A&M University

  • “Exploring the Genomic Component of Reproductive Health in Mares: Molecular Signatures for X-Monosomy-Like Gonadal Dysplasia” at Texas A&M University

  • “Pharmacokinetics & Anti-inflammatory Effects of Intramuscular Corticosteroids” at University of California-Davis

2024-25 Areas of Research Funding Interest
The Foundation supports research to improve knowledge for public benefit to advance the health,

welfare and utility of the American Quarter Horse. The Equine Research Committee will

consider all proposals meeting this overarching goal, with special attention to the

following areas of interest for the 2024-25 grant cycle:

  • Equine welfare: discovery and detection of performance-enhancing drugs, masking agents, fitness parameters for competition, exercise physiology, training, and factors of aging.

  • Genomics: detection of variants contributing to genetic disorders, detection of offspring from cloned animals, behavior, obesity, selective breeding practices and testing.

  • Infectious diseases: vaccination and testing for CEM, EHM, EIA and EVA.

  • Microbiome of the horse: metabolism, links to the immune system, management and feeds.

  • Nutrition: nutritional management, equine metabolic syndrome and related diseases, and supplements.

For more information on these funded projects and how to submit a grant proposal for 2024-25, visit www.aqha.com/equine-research.

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