Level 2 Senior Western Riding

Level 2 Senior Western Riding

Carli Jerrell and Made For Show prove best in Level 2 senior western riding.

level 2 senior western riding

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Made For Show Pedigree: 2013 bay mare, Machine Made-Hope Invested Wisely by Investing Wisely Breeder: Angie Ridgeon Cannizzaro of Purcell, Oklahoma Owner: Chirsty Kanipe of Morganfield, Kentucky Exhibitor: Cari Jerrell of Newburgh, Indiana Total Class Entries: 42 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: Won Vital Code RV and Curtis Reynolds Third Place: Willya Be Lazy and John Briggs Fourth Place: Lazy Lopin Ranger and Ryan Kail Fifth Place: Lets Be Radical and Terry Cross Sixth Place: Hez Pretty Extreme and Clint Ainsworth Seventh Place: Lopin For Certain and Amanda Gately Eighth Place: Certenly A Good Time and Colton Plyman Ninth Place: Krymsun Kryptonite and Curtis Reynolds Tenth Place: Cutelicious and Kayla Kohler