Pay an Outstanding AQHA Invoice

Pay an Outstanding AQHA Invoice

Do you have an outstanding invoice with AQHA that is preventing your AQHA business from being completed?

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Did you know that all work must be paid for in full before it can be processed by an AQHA Member Experience professional? AQHA has made it easier for you to pay your outstanding invoice to complete your AQHA business, allowing you to focus on what you love, spending time with your American Quarter Horse.

Outstanding invoices are emailed directly to a customer’s email inbox if payment was not received in full at the time of the transaction. Customers without an email address on file will receive a printed version of the invoice in the mail that can still be paid online. Helpful hint: Confirm you have all the necessary information for your transaction and pay your invoice in full to guarantee a quicker turnaround for your AQHA business.

The new invoice system allows customers the option to pay an invoice without logging in to, as long as the invoice and transaction numbers are available. If you already know the invoice and transaction numbers, visit to easily make your payment. Customers also have the option to easily pay one invoice at a time or multiple invoices to make sure all of their AQHA business is completed. Once the payment is approved, customers automatically receive an emailed receipt.

Don’t forget, customers also have the option to review their invoices and pay an invoice online by logging into their AQHA account at Learn more.

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How to Update Your Email Address

Updating your contact information allows AQHA to properly service your needs. We understand your time is valuable, and by verifying your contact information, including your email address, AQHA representatives can more efficiently contact you regarding pending work, including when a full payment is holding up your work from being completed.

You can confirm or edit your information by logging into your AQHA member account and viewing your profile. Select “Edit Profile” and update any necessary information. Need help? We are happy to assist you. Members can contact the AQHA Member Experience Membership and Web Team on the contact form to update information.

If you need additional assistance with updating your contact information, contact AQHA for assistance at 806-376-4811, Option 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday, and an AQHA staff member will be available to help you.

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