Trail Legend: Chips Private Stars

Trail Legend: Chips Private Stars

The beautiful sorrel mare Chips Private Stars knew she was a princess of trail.

A light sorrel mare with two white hind socks wears a turquoise saddle pad under a western saddle and carries a rider wearing chocolate brown chaps.

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By Jessica Carr for The American Quarter Horse Journal

Every princess needs a title, and Chips Private Stars earned hers with her 611 youth trail points and 454.5 open trail points.

“Chloe” was bred and raised by AQHA Professional Horsewoman Kendra Weis of Moberly, Missouri, and was shown by Kendra’s son, AQHA Professional Horseman Blake Weis, when he was still a youth, until 2007.

Chips Private Stars is a 2000 sorrel mare by Chips Private Stock and out of Jay Stars Annie by Diversified.

Brittany Donald of Corpus Christi, Texas, has always loved trail, and when she started looking for a new horse, she knew she wanted a good trail horse.

Brittany’s trainer, AQHA Professional Horseman Reid Thomas, began asking around for potential prospects. Chloe was for sale because Blake was about to head off to college.

 At the time, Chloe had 273.5 youth trail points.

“I tried her out, and it was a perfect match,” Brittany says. “She had fantastic rhythm, and I was instantly in love with her.”

Brittany bought Chloe, but the mare stayed with Blake until after the 2007 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show, where she and Blake were ninth in trail. 

Then Brittany took Chloe home where the mare became known as the princess of the barn.

“She knew she was really pretty,” Brittany says. “She was pretty sure everybody loved her.”

Chloe’s appearance did not go unnoticed in the show ring, either.

“She had really good expressions,” Brittany says. “Her ears were always up, and she loved her job.”

In all divisions combined, Chloe earned 2,153.5 points.

Brittany and Chloe earned a Superior in youth trail as they continued competing in the class, adding points to Chloe’s trail totals. In 2011, they were reserve world champions in trail at the Ford Youth World under the guidance of Blake and Kendra – by that time staunch family friends.

Brittany says winning the reserve world champion title was the most memorable moment of her career with Chloe. The duo had to overcome a tricky side-pass and a complicated back-up, but it wasn’t a problem for Chloe.

“She knew where her feet were, and she was very careful,” Brittany says. “I’ll always remember that ride. It was an amazing ride.”

The last show Brittany and Chloe competed in together was the 2012 AQHA All-American Quarter Horse Congress where they ended up in the top 15 in trail.

Three months later, Chloe had a career-ending injury and was humanely euthanized.

After just nine years of showing, she left a legacy in the trail pen.

“She was part of the family, and I know she was a part of Blake’s family, too,” Brittany says, “It was really hard losing her, and I know we all think about her a lot.