AQHA World Show Qualifying in Barrel Racing

Earn a golden globe in barrel racing at the 2024 Nutrena AQHA and Adequan® Select World Championship Shows.

AQHA offers several ways for barrel racers to qualify for the 2024 Nutrena and Adequan® Select World Championship Shows.

barrel racing at AQHA world show

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Dreamed of bringing home the prestigious golden globe? AQHA offers several ways for barrel racers to qualify for the 2024 Nutrena and Adequan® Select World Championship Shows. Learn more about how to qualified for the Nutrena AQHA and Adequan® Select World Championship Shows and make your dream reality.

The qualifying period is from August 1, 2023, to July 31, 2024.

How to Get Qualified 

  • Earn the required number of qualifying points at AQHA-approved events. Bonus: Qualifying this way gets added to your horse’s permanent record! Not sure which division you are eligible for? Check out this blog to learn more about divisions and levels.

    • Junior Barrel Racing: 1.5 open points for Level 3 | 0.5 open point for Level 2

    • Senior Barrel Racing: 2.5 open points for Level 3 | 1 open point for Level 2

    • Amateur Barrel Racing: 2 amateur points for Level 3 | 1 amateur point for Level 2

    • Select Amateur Barrel Racing: 1 point age 50-69 | 0.5 point age 70 or older

  • Participate in four AQHA-approved events during the qualifying period. AQHA events encompass all judge numbers for a particular show or circuit. For example, the Arizona Sun Circuit is considered one event, even though it includes eight sets of points. This qualifying method will not be added to the horse’s permanent AQHA record.

  • Pay a higher entry fee to enter. Open Level 3 classes will require a $7,500 nomination fee per class, while amateur and Select amateur Level 3 classes will require a $5,000 nomination fee per class.  Open Level 2 classes will require a $5,000 nomination fee per class, while amateur and Select amateur Level 2 classes will require a $3,500 nomination fee per class. That money will be added back to purse in the respective class with a portion of this buy-in fee retained by AQHA.

Looking for events near you? Find a show near you or encourage the producers in your area to add AQHA barrel racing classes to their events!

Direct Qualifying 

The top 10 1D American Quarter Horses in the following barrel racing events will be invited to compete at the 2024 Nutrena AQHA World Show. Direct qualifying invitations are specific for the 2024 Nutrena AQHA World Championship Show. Invitations are for junior or senior classes, which are based on the age of the horse at qualification. Competitors who receive an invitation will be responsible for entry fees to the 2024 Nutrena AQHA World Championship Show. To be eligible for the direct qualifying invitation, competitors must enter and follow all rules associated with the qualifying events. 

Open Events

Aged Events

Direct Qualifiers 

Lucky Dog Productions 

  1. Smoken Lil Hottie 
    2010 palomino mare (Firewaterontherocks – Spice Your Glass, Special Effort)
    Breeder: Rance & Robyn Herring 
    Owner/Rider: Tanner Stovall 

  2. Kingor
    2018 sorrel gelding (First Moonflash – Final Form, Rare Form)
    Breeder: Jose Espinosa    
    Owner: Danny Kingins/Marne Loosenort 
    Rider: Marne Loosenort

  3. Red Man Jones   
    2011 bay gelding (Brownie Jones – Dinkys Purple Rain, Dinkys Red Man)
    Breeders: Jud Little 
    Owner/Rider: Randee Prindle

  4. Coronas Slick Design
    2017 brown mare (Slick By Design – Dragon AZ, Dragon Wings)
    Breeder: Jennifer Chafin
    Owner: Kathy Skimehorn
    Rider: Bubby Skimehorn

  5. Sawyers Frosted Moon
    2014 buckskin gelding (Sawyer Wood – French Chicaros, Frenchmans Guy)
    Breeder: Rodney Ruzsa
    Owner: Harold Moore  
    Rider: Marne Loosenort

  6. Bluefrosting On Fame  
    2011 sorrel gelding (Sun Frost Wonder – Dash Ta Segura, Dash Ta Fame)
    Breeder: Debbie McCormick
    Owner: Joey and Kellie Rutledge  
    Rider: Kellie Rutledge

  7. Designs in Colour 
    2018 chestnut gelding (Slick By Design – Dreams In Colour, Technicolours)
    Breeder: Steve or Billie Swan
    Owner/Rider: Teddra Kinsey

  8. CFour Lil Rickie G 
    2019 brown mare (Feel The Sting – CFour Winnie Me Lots, Darkelly)
    Breeder: Kelly Conrado 
    Owner/Rider: Mariah Earles

  9. Streaking Seis  
    2017 bay mare (A Streak Of Fling – Famous Mariah, Tres Seis)
    Breeder: Canadian River QH, LLC  
    Owner/Rider: Niki Saggione

  10. Smooth Movin Guy
    2014 buckskin gelding (A Smooth Guy – Full A Irish Whiskey, Paddys Irish Whiskey)
    Breeder: Bill or Debbie Myers
    Owner/Rider: Presley Smith

Kinder Cup Futurity 

  1. Blings Smooth Girl 
    2019 brown roan mare (Blings Smooth Guy – Violations Secret, Lika Movin Violation)
    Breeder/Owner: Darlene Barlow 
    Rider: Taylor Carver

  2. MCM Tres A Legacy 
    2020 gray mare (Tres Seis – Mulberry Canyon Moon, Marthas Six Moons)
    Breeder: Matt and Bendi Dunn
    Owner: Dunn Ranch
    Rider: Jolene Montgomery

  3. HB Firewater Vanila   
    2019 palomino gelding (Vanila Gold – Famousfirewater Anny, Dash Ta Fame)
    Breeder: Harry/Vivian Blackwell Trust
    Owner/Rider: Brett Monroe

  4. Goodbye Sophie
    2020 gray mare (The Goodbye Lane – Famous Sophie, Dash Ta Fame)
    Breeder/Owner/Rider: Kassie Mowry

  5. Late Nite Soiree
    2019 sorrel mare (Tres Seis – Mightypopularfiesta, Popular Resort)
    Breeder: Webb Ranch, LLC
    Owner: Godspeed Performance Horses 
    Rider: Chloe Gray

  6. Red Leader   
    2020 sorrel stallion (Epic Leader – FJS Perks Dasha Red, Designer Red)
    Breeder: Clay Brazzel 
    Owner: Taylor Ann Lewis 
    Rider: Danyelle Campbell 

  7. EP I See 
    2020 bay gelding (Epic Leader – Morning Sunshine, Frenchmans Guy)
    Breeder: Webb Ranch, LLC 
    Owner: Rick McKinney
    Rider: Elaina McKinney 

  8. Fast N Ruthless  
    2019 sorrel mare (Firewater Ta Fame – Sheza Fast Nemo, Finding Nemo)
    Breeder: Limitless Performance Horses, LLC 
    Owner/Rider: Kelly Valdez

  9. Shez Streakinforcash  
    2019 bay roan mare (Streakin Boon Dox – Guys Cash For Perks, Frenchmans Guy)
    Breeder: Bill or Debbie Myers
    Owner: McColee Land & Livestock, LLC 
    Rider: Kelsey Treharne 

  10. Le Roi  
    2019 sorrel stallion (JL Dash Ta Heaven – KR Last Fling, A Streak Of Fling)
    Breeder: Joe and Carla Spitz
    Owner: Debra and Randy Boyd 
    Rider: Ashley Schafer

Greg Olson Futurity

  1. RS Bumble Bee Sting 
    2019 bay mare (Feel The Sting – DC Patti Cat, Dashing Is Easy)
    Breeder: Ronna Smelser
    Owner: Kenneth and Julie Strickland
    Rider: Hilary Hilzendeger

  2. Got N Goodatgoodbyes 
    2019 bay mare (The Goodbye Lane – Cashs Shining Spark, Shining Spark)
    Breeder: Jake and Jessica Telford 
    Owner/Rider: Megan Cobb

  3. Tillys Special   
    2019 bay mare (CP Tillard – Carvin Special, Wave Carver)
    Breeder/Owner: Brett Mathews
    Rider: Gracie Camphouse

  4. Fame Jo Walker
    2019 chestnut mare (KG Do It For Fame – Jodashus, Bulldashus)
    Breeder/Owner/Rider: Linzie Lindsey

  5. Lawd Have Mercy
    2020 sorrel gelding (Dash Ta Fame – Blazin Black Jet, Blazin Jetolena)
    Breeder: Webb Ranch, LLC 
    Owner: Ace of Spades Ranch 
    Rider: Tiffany Accomazzo

  6. The Money Raider   
    2019 bay stallion (The Red Dasher – Rare Red Raider, On The Money Red)
    Breeder/Owner: Roger and Margaret Jones
    Rider: Margaret Jones 

  7. Fire An Rain 
    2019 bay mare (Heat Warning – Watchin The Rain, Takin On The Cash)
    Breeder: Matt Fales
    Owner/Rider: Sam Shannon 

  8. The Shady Lane  
    2020 bay stallion (The Goodbye Lane – Shady Dry Doc, Shady Lil Starlight)
    Breeder/Owner: Erin and Ellie Beukelman
    Rider: Erin Beukelman

  9. Cool Pillow  
    2019 brown gelding (First Moonflash – Satin Sheetz, Feature Mr Jess)
    Breeder: WL or Dee Mooring/Mike Abraham
    Owner: Terry Gowin and Yvette Kent 
    Rider: Susan Siggins 

  10. Sting Operator   
    2020 sorrel gelding (Feel The Sting – Dashin For Pay Dirt, Pritzi Dash)
    Breeder: Danyelle Campbell
    Owner/Rider: Taylor Rivera