AQHYA World: 13-&-Under Classes Q&A

AQHA answers most-asked questions about the new 13-&-Under classes at the AQHYA World Championship Show.

2018 AQHA 13-&-under ranch riding champion

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 Note: 13-&-Under classes were first offered at the 2018 AQHYA World Championship Show. 

  1. How many 13-&-Under classes are offered at the AQHYA World Championship Show?
    • Answer: There are seven classes: western pleasure, hunter under saddle, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation, showmanship, ranch riding and trail.
  2. Are the winners of the 13-&-Under called world champions?
    • Answer: Yes, AQHA crowns both a 13-&-Under world champion and a 14-18 world champion in each of these seven core classes. Each world champion receives a coveted golden globe.
  3. How does leveling work within these new classes?
    • Answer: The 13-&-Under classes are only for the core classes within Level 3. Adequan® Level 2 18-&-Under classes stay the same as they were at the 2017 Ford Youth World. The Adequan® Level 2 is not separated into 13-&-Under and 14-18 divisions; instead, they remain 18-&-Under Adequan® Level 2  classes in 2018. 
  4. Are there different qualifying points for the 13-&-Under classes?
    • Answer: Yes, you can view those qualifying points  here.
  1. What is the format of the 13-&-Under classes?
    • Answer: Starting in 2018, the Level 3 13-&-Under classes run in a one-go format. In the future, the format of the classes will be evaluated and could change.
  2. Why were these new classes introduced?
    • Answer: To promote the inclusion of younger age groups, encourage involvement of younger horsemen and horsewomen, to continue to grow AQHYA and promote the breed.
  3. What will AQHA do to make sure the schedule will accommodate these new classes and the growing Adequan®Level 2 classes?
    • Answer: The exact changes to the schedule have not yet been finalized, but AQHA and the show department are working hard to ensure the schedule will accommodate these new classes.
  4. Will the new 13-&-Under classes affect the 14-18 world champion titles or awards?
    • Answer: No, each winner of the core classes will receive the same awards and recognition as before. There will be the same media and coverage on each of the world champions of the core classes.
  5. How do the 13-&-Under classes affect state or provincial qualifying?
    • Answer: The 13-&-Under exhibitors can qualify via the same method through their affiliate as do their 14-18 and 18-&-Under counterparts. The addition of Level 3 13-&-Under classes allows more exhibitors from each affiliate to qualify, which means each state or province can bring more riders to experience and participate in the Ford Youth World.

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