2006 Stakes Winners

View stakes winners from the 2006 Quarter Horse racing season.


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Cypress Sophomore Handicap Los Alamitos Spike It And Fly $27,800
30 The Championship at Sunland Park (G1) Sunland Park Gotta Get $400,000
30 Shue Fly Stakes (RG1) Sunland Park Mister WW $311,231
29 Holiday Handicap Los Alamitos Jess Sass Me $28,200
23 Lou Wooten Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park EJ Heart Talker $125,000
23 AQRA Turf Paradise Futurity (G3) Turf Paradise Not A Full Moon $79,420
17 Far West Futurity (R) Portland Meadows Chick N Dales Dancer $35,300
17 Whataway To GoHandicap Los Alamitos Corona Crystal $18,000
17 Challenger Six Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park On Star Cowboy $125,000
16 Paul B. Ford MemorialHandicap Los Alamitos Furious Dasher $27,350
16 Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park Gotta Get $125,000
14 Mexican Champions Clasico Hipodromo de las Americas Agurrido Dash $33,636
10 MarathonHandicap (G1) Los Alamitos Snowbound Superstar $54,100
10 Southern California Derby(G1) Los Alamitos Spike It And Fly $192,050
10 Zia Park Championship Zia Park Desirio $200,000
9 Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG2) Fair Grounds Toastin Dash $100,000
9 Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile (RG2) Fair Grounds Oh So Daunting $100,000
9 LouisianaChampions Day Derby (RG2) Fair Grounds Angelas Toast $100,000
9 Champion of Champions (G1) Los Alamitos Wave Carver $600,000
8 Los Alamitos Two-Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Blue Girl Too $2,000,000
8 Los Alamitos Million Juvenile Invitational (R) Los Alamitos El Arizona Kid $35,000
7 MexicanJuvenile Championship Hipodromo de las Americas Native Jeweler DH $40,000
3 Southwest Juvenile Championship Zia Park Remember Me Rose $300,000
3 Corona Cartel Stakes Turf Paradise A Faster Streaker $15,000
2 Texas ClassicFuturity (G1) Lone Star Park Valiant Hero $1,027,564
2 Texas Classic Derby (G1) Lone Star Park PYC Paint Your Wagon $318,593
2 BurnettHandicap Lone Star Park Dashin PrinceHenry $20,000
2 NewMexicoFilly & Mare Championship (R) ZiaPark Dash Ta Moon $86,000
1 Joe B. Turner MemorialStakes Lone Star Park Happy Streaker $15,000
1 Hipodromo de las Americas Stakes Lone Star Park Jet Black Rebel $15,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
26 Black Gold Casino Stakes Zia Park Lismore (TB) $87,000
25 Louisiana Derby(R) Evangeline Downs Angelas Toast $87,500
25 LouisianaQHBA Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs FirstDown Toro $517,964
25 Lone Star Park Distance Championship Lone Star Park Heza Marquette Maker $20,000
24 Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Handicap (RG3) Lone Star Park Quick Kisses $30,000
23 Mexican Breeders' Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas Tequilero Streakin $103,262
19 AQRA Futurity (RG3) Turf Paradise Motorin $41,490
19 PortlandMeadows Fall Derby Portland Meadows Devilish Diva $15,300
18 Z.Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3) Los Alamitos Apollitical Time $20,000
18 Evangeline Downs Dash (first div.) Evangeline Downs Toastin Dash $21,900
18 Evangeline Downs Dash (second div.) Evangeline Downs Rebs Royal Dasher $22,000
18 Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs Dylans Dandy $68,514
18 Black Gold Derby(R) Blue Ribbon Downs Heza Chico $29,035
12 New Mexico Classic Derby (R) Zia Park Stormys Miracle $161,334
12 New Mexico Classic Futurity (R) Zia Park Blazin Perfection $334,892
12 New Mexico ClassicCup Championship (R) Zia Park Gotta Get $211,000
12 New Mexico Classic Cup 870 Championship (R) Zia Park On Star Cowboy $168,200
12 AQRA Tufr Paradise Derby Turf Paradise Shake The MoonBaby $29,307
11 Corona ChickHandicap Los Alamitos Frankie Shoots $32,800
11 Evangeline Downs Derby Evangeline Downs Streakin Amber $119,150
11 Grand Coteau Stakes Evangeline Downs Eves Dash $26,600
11 MBNA America Challenge Championship (G1) Lone StarPark This Snow Is Cold $301,500
11 John Deere Distaff Challenge Championship(G1) Lone Star Park Eye Caughtcha Peekin $100,000
11 Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Championship (G1) Lone Star Park Magical Thunder $200,000
11 Red Cell Distance Challenge Championship(G1) Lone StarPark Strider Man $100,000
11 Ford Juvenile ChallengeChampionship (G2) Lone Star Park Remember Me Rose $150,000
11 AQHRJ Stakes Lone Star Park This Snow Is Blazing $25,000
11 Soonner Trailer Stakes Lone Star Park Make A Secret $25,000
11 Farnam Stakes Lone StarPark Hez HabitForming $25,000
11 AQHAMembers Plus Stakes Lone Star Park Shake Em Fever $25,000
11 Los Alamitos Stakes Lone Star Park First To Ramble $25,000
10 Gridiron Gallop Handicap Lone StarPark Eyes Moving Easy $15,000
10 JEH StallionStationHandicap Lone Star Park NaturalTask $20,000
5 Oregon-Bred Juvenile Stakes (R) Portland Meadows EZ Speedy Leader $21,500
4 Golden State MillionFuturity (G1) Los Alamitos Jess You And I $1,223,800
4 Indiana Breed Development Stakes (R) Hoosier Park Fly The Concorde $26,500
4 Indiana Breed Development Juvenile Stakes (R) Hoosier Park Garden Girl $26,500
4 Grand Prairie Classic Stakes LoneStarPark Heza Marquette Maker $15,000
4 Lovington Stakes Zia Park Boknaai $66,700
4 Kansas Jackpot Derby (RG3) The Woodlands ARoyal Return $37,738
4 Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG2) The Woodlands Ledum $110,980
4 The Woodlands Championship The Woodlands None As Easy $22,500
3 Los Alamitos Super Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Wave Carver $700,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
29 Apprehend Handicap Los Alamitos Trickish Fire $18,000
28 Las Damas Handicap (G2) Los Alamitos Blazin Fire $54,650
28 Evangline Downs Derby Evangeline Downs Allyouneedislove $63,650
28 AQHRA Aged Stakes Whoop Up Downs Snowy Flyer $17,874
28 Dash For Cash Futurity (G1) Lone Star Park Dont Let Down $426,375
28 Dash For Cash Derby(G1) Lone Star Park Ima Ramblin Girl $193,300
28 Dash For Cash Juvenile Stakes (R) Lone Star Park Valiant Hero $47,375
27 First Down Dash Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Gold Medal Jess $33,250
27 Opelousas Stakes Evangeline Downs Sin Tacha Perry $21,400
26 Mexican Breeders' Derby (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas SF Simple Shake $42,062
22 Pat Hyland Memorial Handicap Los Alamitos Snowbound Superstar $32,250
22 Ah Sigh Handicap Los Alamitos Makinmoves Buzz $18,000
22 J'NL Breeders' Classic Blue Ribbon Downs Air Tight Annie $86,647
22 Ford West/Southwest Challenge (G3) Turf Paradise Bench Mark Dove $36,540
22 MBNA AmericaWest/Southwest Challenge (G2) Turf Paradise Budj $84,780
21 All American Congress Derby BeulahPark Jess Because $24,917
21 All American Congress Futurity (G3) Beulah Park Dials Struttin $46,540
21 All American Congress Maturity Beulah Park Kid La Jolla $17,713
21 Herman Jefferson Stakes ZiaPark Roto Rooster $66,700
21 Real Wind Handicap Zia Park EyeAmForever $42,500
21 Four Sixes Handicap Lone Star Park WRS Special Shoe $20,000
21 Horseman's Derby Whoop Up Downs Mezoomin $18,914
15 Alberta Bred Futurity Whoop Up Downs Its All About Speed $61,660
15 Hobbs America Derby ZiaPark KelownaKash $119,758
15 Hobbs America Futurity ZiaPark Run Perry Run $236,672
14 Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Apollitical Time $200,000
14 Sunset Stakes Evangeline Downs MCM Penny Game $21,100
14 Pony Express Stakes The Woodlands None AsEasy $22,500
14 Hoosier Park Classic Hoosier Park MC Special Mystery $27,350
14 QHRAI Derby(G3) Hoosier Park Hez Flyin WithClass $27,500
14 Governors Stakes Hoosier Park Penelope Cruzin $27,250
13 Autumn Handicap Los Alamitos Rey Tarasco $27,250
13 RheudasilHandicap Lone StarPark Sizzling $20,000
12 Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas Totally Done Back $242,272
9 The Down Side Stakes (R) Zia Park GottaGet $43,800
8 Alex Picov Memorial Championship AjaxDowns GoSmashingBaby $31,787
7 PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Tac It Like A Man $450,000
7 LQHBA Sale Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs Oh So Daunting $305,078
7 RefrigeratorHandicap Lone Star Park Country Chicks Man $100,000
7 Red River Handicap Lone Star Park Cashin Sam $17,500
7 Lubbock Stakes Zia Park Striking Bully $69,000
7 KansasDerby(G3) The Woodlands Realistically $47,132
7 Kansas Futurity (G2) The Woodlands Okie Dokey Annie $106,908
6 PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2) Los Alamitos Ah Commotion $149,000
6 B.F. Phillips, Jr. Handicap (RG3) Lone Star Park Gray Invasion $30,000
1 Alex Picov Memorial Futurity Ajax Downs Vital Drive $41,957
1 Black Gold 350 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Dylans Dandy $22,500


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Billy Montgomery Stakes (R) Evangeline Downs Toast Butter $38,000
30 Jayhawk Stakes (R) The Woodlands Ice Dreams $15,000
30 Bayer Legend Oklahoma Derby Challenge (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Work Work Work $47,160
30 Ford Oklahoma Juvenile Challenge (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Fly For Zak $50,040
25 Kama Shootin Stakes (R) Zia Park Jake Can Dash $45,800
24 Pomona Championship Stakes Fairplex Park Just A Lane Change $20,350
24 New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby (RG3) New Mexico State Fair Chicks Are Streakin $47,700
23 James Isaac Hobbs Stakes Zia Park Planet Holland $60,000
23 Oil Capital Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows A Classic For Cash $23,160
23 John Deere Canada Distaff Challenge Whoop Up Downs Proud Lil Lady $19,167
23 Pomona Juvenile Championship Fairplex Park Chantell Corona $16,600
23 Don Cravins Stakes (R) Evangeline Downs BBs FirstBeduino $37,100
23 O.B. Cockerell Handicap New Mexico State Fair ALong Goodbye $30,000
23 New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (RG3) New Mexico State Fair LadyLa Dash $68,161
23 New Mexico StateFair Senor Futurity (RG3) New Mexico State Fair Chicks Gray Blurr $62,416
22 Mildred N. Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Apollitical Time $247,500
17 MexicanQHAYearling Sale Derby(RG2) Hipodromo de las Americas Beduina Agerrida $65,548
17 Budweiser Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity (G3) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Hayden Quinn $50,000
17 Whoop UpClassic WhoopUp Downs Southern Jonah $12,511
16 Go Man GoHandicap (G1) Los Alamitos Be A Bono $110,200
16 Canada Cup Derby (RG3) Whoop Up Downs RunHawk Run $33,716
16 Canada Cup Futurity (RG3) Whoop Up Downs Its All About Speed $91,617
16 QHRAI Stallion Service Auction Derby (R) Hoosier Park AHoly Effort $25,660
16 QHRAI Stallion Service Auction Futurity (RG3) HoosierPark Im Leadin Yawl $56,679
11 NewMexico Breeders' Championship (RG3) New Mexico State Fair Run Mr $30,000
10 MBNA America Mexico Challenge (G3) Hipodromo de las Americas Dashin Prince Henry $51,740
10 PomonaExpress Fairplex Park What A Performance $15,950
10 Buttons and Bows Handicap New Mexico State Fair Striking Bully $30,000
10 Oklahoma Bred Futurity Blue Ribbon Downs Kisses Anywhere $111,075
9 Valley Junction Futurity (G2) Prairie Meadows A Silver Goblin $174,850
9 Two RiversStakes (G3) Prairie Meadows Magical Thunder $28,500
9 Sam Houston Derby (G2) Sam Houston Fly Corona Cat $122,000
9 Iowa Stallion Derby Prairie Meadows Habenero Peppy $24,030
9 Oklahoma Bred Derby Blue Ribbon Downs Shakem Easy Dash $41,010
9 TQHA Distance Derby Sam Houston GuiltyOf Zoom $16,000
8 Altoona Derby (G3) Prairie Meadows JA Fast Lady $60,800
8 Covered Bridges Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows Expect A Prince $25,563
8 Iowa Stallion Futurity Prairie Meadows Jonah Corona $31,407
8 Corona Kool Handicap Los Alamitos Perrys Spittin Image $18,000
8 Sam Houston Futurity (G1) Sam Houston Snowy Alibi $316,000
8 TQHA Oaks Sam Houston Toole N Round $17,000
4 Intermountain Futurity Elko County Fair Little Man Rocks $40,700
4 Elko County Fair Derby Elko County Fair BX Saxton $28,100
4 Miss BlackhawkStakes Prairie Meadows None As Easy $24,416
4 North Dakota Bred Futurity (R) North Dakota Horse Park Mr Hawkin $29,200
4 Dan Dimert Maturity (R) North Dakota Horse Park RecklessChick $15,200
4 All American Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R) Ruidoso Downs Hiclass La Jolla $150,000
4 Labor Day Express Stakes Ruidoso Downs Special Task Force $40,000
4 All American Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs No Secrets Here $1,900,000
3 John Deere Mexico Challenge Hipodromo de las Americas She Dashing $14,500
3 Utah Sires Fall Futurity (R) Elko County Fair Blaze Of Fame $28,700
3 Bob Moorehouse Memorial Stakes(R) Canterbury Park FirstSmart Muggins $17,250
3 North Dakota Horse Park Futurity North Dakota Horse Park Fas Money Girl $15,000
3 Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3) Yavapai Downs Dog Daze Afternoon $51,917
3 Four Corners Futurity (G3) SunRay Park Jess The Queen $75,095
3 All American Derby (G1) Ruidoso Downs Arealstraitheart $406,299
2 Gridiron Special Stakes Prairie Meadows TRs Dashin Rona $23,940
2 Golden State Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Startlet Hawk $228,950
2 Governor's CupMararthon Stakes (G3) Sam Houston Friends Rare Form $43,000
2 Animas Stakes (G3) SunRay Park Poker Feature $33,000
2 Curtis/Kieckhefer Memorial Stakes Yavapai Downs Open For Sure $15,000
2 All American Gold Cup (G3) RuidosoDowns This Snow Is Gone $40,000
2 Brigand Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Tricky Dust $40,000
2 Mile High Derby (G2) Arapahoe Park Perrys Queen Bug $72,120
2 Mile High Futurity (G2) Arapahoe Park Play Fast $127,314
1 Ford California Juvenile Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Caughtmezoomin $37,080
1 Sam Houston Classic (G2) Sam Houston La Jollaroid $61,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Mean Competitor Stakes Canterbury Park Icy Tobin (TB) $24,650
27 AllCanadian Derby Ajax Downs One Kool Bud $26,949
27 WindyCity Dash Stakes (G3) ArlingtonPark MC Special Mystery $25,000
27 New MexicoQuarter Horse Handicap (RG2) SunRayPark Gotta Get $62,000
27 New MexicoHorsemen's Association Handicap (RG2) SunRay Park Shez Classy Now $60,600
27 North Dakota Bred Derby(R) North Dakota Horse Park MrClassic Dash $23,165
27 North Dakota Horse Park Futurity NorthDakota Horse Park Streak Awesome $15,000
27 Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3) Gillespie County Fair Sixaflying $81,400
27 Cross Country Classic Stakes Northlands Park Tough Mix $13,969
26 MBNA America California Challenge (G2) Los Alamitos Apollitical Time $72,000
26 Future of Iowa Stakes (RG3) Prairie Meadows Nanas Nite Mare $43,500
26 Polk County Derby (RG3) Prairie Meadows Eye Dru Mi Pistol $58,400
26 Jim Bader Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Okey I Am $80,400
26 Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3) Prairie Meadows Cruzin To Victory $43,600
26 Dixie Stallion Futurity (RG3) Sam Houston Eyes On The Form $115,519
26 Gillespie Co. Fair Assn. Texas-Bred Stakes (R) Gillespie County Fair Deck Of Sixes $15,000
25 Cash Rate Handicap Los Alamitos Adriannas Dasher $18,000
25 John Deere California Distaff Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Blazin Fire $23,040
24 Great Lakes Stakes Canterbury Park Runaway Gold $30,800
20 All Canadian Futurity Ajax Downs Sundance Satin $25,775
20 Yavapai Downs Derby(G3) Yavapai Downs Miss Sonora Feature $36,907
20 New Mexico Breeders' Handicap (RG3) SunRay Park Bullys Runaway $61,400
20 AQHRAAged Series Championship Sprint Stakes Northlands Park Sizzlin Red Corona $13,776
20 Prairie Gold Futurity (R) Northlands Park Zillas Spin Doctor $40,018
20 Prairie Gold Derby(R) Northlands Park Zillas Secret $27,220
20 Michigan Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows Whos Your Man $15,280
20 GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Jetsetting Moma $18,961
20 GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Derby(R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows CnisbeleavinIn Nash $10,000
20 Minnesota Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Sociabull $24,150
20 Minnesota Derby(R) Canterbury Park Trevors Easy Tipper $22,750
20 Mexico Futurity Hipodromodelas Americas First One Again $22,727
20 Jack Clifford Stakes SanMateo Co. Fair Cash On Corona $15,760
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes(aged stallions & geldings) (R) Louisiana Downs Toastin Dash $100,000
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes (2-year-olds) (R) Louisiana Downs Toast To My Mom $100,000
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes (aged mares) (R) Louisiana Downs Dashing Pana $100,000
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes (3-year-old fillies) (R) Louisiana Downs Andelay Baby Andelay $100,000
19 Louisiana-Bred Stakes (3-year-old colts and geldings) (R) Louisiana Downs Get ItReb $100,000
19 Scott Lewis Handicap Los Alamitos Arriba Corona $18,000
19 New Mexico Breeders' Futurity (RG3) SunRay Park Chicks Gray Blurr $136,165
19 TQHA Sires' CupStakes (R) Sam Houston Winners Award $15,200
18 Harrisburg Handicap Sam Houston Streakin LT $15,250
13 Red Cell West/Southwest Distance Challenge Wyoming Downs Cashin Sam $20,160
13 Bonnett/Broden Futurity Evergreen Park Zillas Spin Doctor $19,945
13 Oneida County Fair Futurity Oneida Co. Fair Hodge Money Crunch $23,625
13 SunRay Park Marathon Handicap SunRay Park Runnin Roscoe $32,100
13 Diamond Classic Futurity WyomingDowns ProudestBandolero $36,745
13 Bayer Legend Mexico Challenge Hipodromode las Americas JA Really Nine $29,060
13 Northern Lights Futurity (R) North Dakota Horse Park Hansum Ransum $24,207
12 Bosen All Breed Futurity Oneida Co. Fair Hyde The Money (PT) $40,000
12 MBNA America Canada Challenge (G3) Evergreen Park Snowy Flyer $46,980
12 MBNA America Central Challenge (G2) Prairie Meadows Valdasher $70,920
12 Bayer Legend Central DerbyChallenge (G3) Prairie Meadows Magical Thunder $46,440
12 John Deere New MexicoDistaff Challenge(G3) SunRayPark Ms Klee $36,900
12 TQHA Sires' Cup Derby(RG3) Sam Houston Rebs Royal Dasher $63,880
12 John Hoak Capitol Racing Futurity LesBois Park Sold On Special $60,275
12 Black Gold 330 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Fly For Zak $22,500
11 Boise Derby Les BoisPark Ought To Be Wild $23,725
11 Ford Central Juvenile Challenge Prairie Meadows First Class Smarty $56,970
11 Red Cell Central Distance Challenge Prairie Meadows GHF Kool Kotton $24,570
11 John Deere Central Distaff Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Threadbare Gypsysoul $30,061
6 All Canadian Classic Ajax Downs Go Smashing Baby $18,435
6 Ford Canada Juvenile Challenge Evergreen Park Hes A Standout $26,382
6 Ford New Mexico Juvenile Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Sassys Tuffy
6 Idaho Cup Futurity (R) Les Bois Park LDS Little Redcorvet $53,190
5 Idaho Cup Derby (R) Les Bois Park Fast Red Leggs $22,770
5 Idaho Cup Maturity (R) Les Bois Park Bedazoom $16,841
3 Cash Caravan Stakes (R) Canterbury Park Trevors Easy Tipper $22,100


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Sign Of Lanty Handicap Los Alamitos Snowbound Superstar $18,000
30 NCQHRA Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Wheely Fast $35,400
30 Alberta Bred Derby (RG3) Evergreen Park Zillas Secret $36,458
30 Zia Futurity (RG1) Ruidoso Downs Gun Battle $356,410
30 Zia Derby(RG2) Ruidoso Downs Eddie Stinson $113,307
30 Zia 870 Championship Stakes (RG3) Ruidoso Downs Bull Rope $55,000
30 Zia Juvenile Stakes (R) Ruidoso Downs Power Connection $20,000
30 Zia Handicap (RG3) Ruidoso Downs Gotta Get $55,000
30 Rocky Mountain Championship Stakes ArapahoePark Timinator Baynes $15,000
30 John Deere West/Southwest Distaff Challenge Arapahoe Park Sizzling $24,570
30 Bayer Legend West/Southwest Derby Challenge (G3) Arapahoe Park Canosa $40,770
30 Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3) Arapahoe Park Off Fishing $97,840
29 Jens L. List Jr. Memorial California Breeders' Stakes(R) Los Alamitos Fishers Tale $26,550
29 Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1) Los Alamitos DH - Tac It Like A Man
DH -Checknbac
29 Spencer Childers California Breeders' Championship (RG1) Los Alamitos Be A Bono $153,755
29 Governor's Cup Derby(RG1) Los Alamitos Wave Carver $158,760
29 California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG3) Los Alamitos Apollitical Time $53,750
29 Newport Beach Handicap (R) Los Alamitos Strength In Numbers $18,000
29 California Breeders' Sophomore 550 Stakes (R) Los Alamitos Cash At The Line $27,750
29 California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R) (second div.) Los Alamitos Catalina Fantasy $25,900
29 California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R) (first div.) Los Alamitos Flysix $25,900
29 TQHASale Futurity (RG1) Sam Houston Snowy Alibi $343,305
29 Arizona Stallion Owners' Association Futurity (R) Yavapai Downs Heza Quick Scooter $43,415
29 Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Futurity (RG1) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Hiclass La Jolla $436,000
29 Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Derby (RG2) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Identify Theft $132,000
28 TQHA Classic Stakes (RG3) Sam Houston Flor De Lirio $45,250
28 Barnmaster Spring Stakes (RG3) Sam Houston Shake Em Fever $45,250
28 TQHA 550 Stakes (RG3) Sam Houston DH - Fast Rythum
DH - Cash On Black
28 Chicado VHandicap Los Alamitos Texas Trio $18,000
23 La Plata Handicap (G3) SunRay Park A Long Goodbye $32,500
23 Rainbow Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs Big Time Hero $269.817
23 Rainbow OvernightStakes Ruidoso Downs Separate Bet $20,000
23 Mt. Pleasant Meadows Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows Patriots RedNeck $16,560
22 Cherokee Nation Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Im Eyerene $27,775
22 870 Special Stakes Prairie Meadows Shawns Quick Dash $22,000
22 Blane Schvaneveldt Cowboy Classic Futurity Wyoming Downs In Between Dreams $52,350
22 Rainbow Derby (G1) Ruidoso Downs Strawkins $269,817
21 Dashing Folly Handicap Los Alamitos MakinmovesBuzz $18,000
20 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby (R) Canterbury Park Trevors Easy Tipper $17,400
16 Garanones Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas SF Finita Dash $149,553
16 TQHA Futurity (R) Gillespie County Fair Movin Sixes $17,200
16 GLQHA Michigan-Bred Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Snaps Shot $24,492
16 Solano Derby Solano County Fair Cocktailisfortheroad $10,640
16 Silver DollarFuturity (RG3) WyomingDowns Move With Ease $79,040
15 Iowa Double GoldDerby(RG3) Prairie Meadows Easy Sailin Kisses $57,260
15 Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Aletas Last Gol $85,140
15 Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Overhaulin $28,025
15 Wyoming All-BreedsDerby (R) Wyoming Downs Brothers Effort $21,068
15 Wyoming All-Breeds Futurity (R) Wyoming Downs Czech NOut Ashley $39,463
15 Rio Rico Futurity(G3) Gillespie County Fair Gol MCA $61,350
14 IQHRASale Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Ledum $51,866
14 Keokuk Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows Bullions N Garters $24,420
14 TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2) Sam Houston First Smart Winner $111,640
14 Miss Houston Stakes (R) Sam Houston Makeala $15,000
14 Red Cell Northwest Distance Challenge Les Bois Park Strawflyin Moosebuds $19,440
13 Minnesota QHRA Stakes Canterbury Park Callies Corona $30,800
9 Mexican Derby Hipodromo de las Americas DM Fire It Up $19,000
9 Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Hayden Quinn $15,440
9 Don Boyd Memorial Challenge Handicap Mt. Pleasant Meadows Rockin Dale $24,000
9 Lee Burwick Louisiana-Bred Futurity (RG1) Delta Downs Dynomax $392,400
9 Louisiana Classic Stakes (RG2) Delta Downs Mr Mallard $100,000
9 Vinton Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Angelas Toast $50,000
9 Flashy Hemp Stakes (R) Delta Downs CoolEleanor $50,000
9 Live Oak Stakes (R) Delta Downs War Chants $50,000
9 Louisiana Juvenile Stakes (R) Detla Downs Kittys FastDash $50,000
8 Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Soul Of Silence $31,950
8 MBNA America Texas Challenge (G1) Sam Houston This Snow Is Cold $115,650
8 Bayer Legend TexasDerby Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Sheza Dashing Disco $69,030
8 John Deere Texas Distaff Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Eye Caughtcha Peekin $26,010
8 Red Cell Texas Distance Challenge (G3) Sam Houston My Prince Of Strides $24,705
8 Walter Merrick Memorial Stakes (R) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Roto Rooster $32,575
8 Rocky Heinzig Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Sassys Miss Okie $27,375
8 Canterbury Park Derby (G3) Canterbury Park Fly To The Wire $35,000
7 Fair Meadows Maturity Fair Meadows at Tulsa Valdasher $27,775
4 Kansas-Bred Derby(R) Eureka Downs Im Capt Morgan $15,477
4 Kansas-Bred Futurity (R) Eureka Downs Dash Of Toll $43,529
4 Grants Pass Firecracker Futurity Grants PassDowns EZ Speedy Leader $39,500
3 Master Salls Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Tricky Dust $40,000
2 Maple Leaf Futurity Ajax Downs Sundance Satin $19,236
2 Miss Polly Classic Stakes(G3) Delta Downs Conner Can $50,000
2 Virgil Bond Stakes Delta Downs Natural Task $25,000
2 Firecracker Futurity (G2) Delta Downs My First Passion $266,350
2 Firecracker Derby (G2) Delta Downs St Pats First $111,150
2 Northlands Futurity (G3) Canterbury Park First Class Smarty $63,675
1 Independence Day Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Commander Corona $32,550
1 MBNA America Northwest Challenge(G2) Les Bois Park LDS Dash For Dylan $73,080
1 Ford Northwest Juvenile Challenge (G3) Les Bois Park Go Girl Gone $47,880
1 Golden Driller Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Mr Chivato To You $27,150
1 Higheasterjet Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Planet Holland $40,000
1 Lucille Rowe Derby(RG3) Arapahoe Park Timinator Baynes $53,725
1 Cherry Creek Futurity (RG3) Arapahoe Park In The Crease $87,360


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Bayer Legend Northwest Derby Challenge(G3) Les BoisPark Fast Red Leggs $51,120
25 Garanones Derby(R) Hipodromo de las Americas Cajun Darling $31,091
25 Maple Leaf Derby Ajax Downs RD Dash $23,700
25 Prescott Valley Laddie/Lassie Futurity (G3) Yavapai Downs Theslatesclean $52,850
25 GLQHA Michigan Bred Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows Babys Rabbitt $17,154
25 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurtiy Canterbury Park Prime Time Rosie $15,000
25 Bayer Legend Canada Challenge Whoop Up Downs RunHawkRun $28,756
25 Bayer Legend California Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Furyofthewind $46,350
24 Jaguar Rocket Stakes Indiana Downs Im Leadin Yawl $24,700
24 AllCanadian Open Futurity Whoop Up Downs RD Dashing Miracle $28,177
24 Desert Classic Derby Yavapai Downs Looselips Sink Ships $29,735
24 Ed Burke Memorial Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos FDD Dynasty $1,102,000
23 Vessels Maturity (G1) Los Alamitos Be A Bono $137,700
18 Jodys Glory Classic Stakes Hipodromo de las Americas His Eye Flashed $20,000
18 Mark T Bars Stakes Yavapai Downs Chase This Corona $15,000
18 Mr Jess Perry Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Toastin Dash $40,000
18 Bayer LegendNew Mexico Derby Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Strawkins $49,320
18 Ruidoso Sale Futurity (RG2) Ruidoso Downs Gonna Ro Sham Bo $204,588
18 Retama Park Juvenile Invitational (R) Retama Park Ace Back ToZoom $26,930
18 Retama Park Futurity (G1) Retama Park Zoomin For Bux $242,370
17 Retama Park Derby Retama Park Jesstified $119,700
17 Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame Stakes (G3) Retama Park GHF Kool Kotton $25,000
17 Utah Classic Futurity (R) Laurel Brown Racetrack Move With Ease $48,744
11 Kisses To Yawl Stakes (G3) Hipodromo de las Americas Boasting Buds $33,636
11 Delta Downs Derby(RG1) Delta Downs Angelas Toast $148,750
11 Develop A Plan Stakes Delta Downs Phoebes Otoole $15,000
11 Ruidoso Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs DH - Okey Dokey Fantasy
DH - Saint Shackleton
11 Ruidoso Derby(G1) Ruidoso Downs Winninginthebuff $163,335
11 Dash For Speed Stakes Arapahoe Park Let It Snowman $16,200
10 RMTC Classic Stakes Whoop Up Downs Snowy Flyer $12,662
10 Oklahoma Horseman's Association Derby(RG3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Eye Betta Kim $90,500
10 Oklahoma Horseman's Association Futurity (RG2) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Doc Maxwell $130,500
10 Belles Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Crazy About Corona $27,800
10 North Central QHRADerby (R) Canterbury Park A Royal Return $19,250
10 San Marcos Handicap Retama Park Natural Task $15,000
4 Heritage Place Juvenile (R) Remington Park Hiclass La Jolla $25,000
4 Tailor Fit Stakes Remington Park Mr Chivato To You $39,350
4 SavannahJr Stakes Remington Park Identity Theft $32,400
4 Remington Park Invitational Championship Remington Park SLM Snowman $150,000
4 Heritage Place Derby(G1) Remington Park PYC Paint Your Wagon $167,777
4 Heritage Place Futurity (G1) Remington Park First Carolina $677,365
4 EarlClark Memorial Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Run In The Red $16,560
3 Big Badger Bar Stakes Remington Park First To Ramble $35,340
3 Junos Request Stakes RemingtonPark Eye Caughtcha Peekin $35,850
3 Laico Bird Stakes Remington Park My Girl Jessie $35,000
3 Prankster CFOvernight Handicap Los Alamitos Olympic Moment (TB) $15,000
3 Monterey Overnight Handicap Los Alamitos Makinmoves Buzz $15,000
2 Santa RosaHandicap Retama Park Party Hound $15,000
2 Easy Jet Stakes Remington Park Too Tough To Catch $50,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
29 Fine LoomHandicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Curlys Fortune $40,000
29 Aberdeen Derby Brown County Fair Shake It Anywhere $15,000
29 Aberdeen South Dakota-Bred Futurity (R) Brown County Fair Hansum Ransum $16,040
29 Bitterroot Futurity (RG2) Les BoisPark DH - Little Brain Wave
DH - Teenster
29 Kansas Jackpot Prep Futurity (R) Eureka Downs Primero Vacquero $28,040
28 Canterbury Park Express Stakes Canterbury Park Callies Corona $30,625
28 Robert Heubeck Memorial Stakes Yavapai Downs Fifty Party Night $15,000
28 Aberdeen Futurity Brown County Fair Streak Awesome $15,000
28 La Mariposa Handicap (G3) Downs at Albuquerque Streakin Nanny $40,000
27 Town Policy Handicap Los Alamitos Adriannas Dasher $27,250
27 Colorsof the Wind Handicap Retama Park Streak Foe Me $15,000
27 AllCanadian Derby of Alberta Whoop Up Downs Silver La Jolla $15,681 (U.S.)
27 Indiana DownsClassic Stakes Indiana Downs Heza Fast Kid $20,700
27 Blue River Derby (R) Indiana Downs Dashing Delivery $22,800
27 Delta550 Championship Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Fed Ex Together $35,000
27 Aberdeen South Dakota-Bred Derby (R) Brown County Fair Mr Special Braker $15,000
26 Gold Rush Derby (G3) Los Alamitos Snowbound Superstar $62,900
26 Bitterroot Derby (R) Les BoisPark Chivatos Secret $22,650
21 MBNA America East Challenge (G2) Delta Downs First Comment $83,610
21 Ford East Juvenile Challenge (G3) Delta Downs Streakin Cartel $53,460
21 Red Cell East Distance Challenge Delta Downs Seminole Injun $25,740
21 John Deere East Distaff Challenge (G3) Delta Downs Ms Pilot Point $24,120
21 Bayer Legend East Derby Challenge (G3) Delta Downs Centerist $56,520
21 Bucking Horse Futurity Miles City BXT Time Travelurr $21,125
20 Kindergarten Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Vachetta $325,900
20 Live Oak Handicap (R) Retama Park OK JodysDasher $17,500
20 Alabama Stallion Stakes (R) Delta Downs Strike By Yawl $15,000
14 MBNA America OklahomaChallenge (G1) Remington Park This Snow Is Cold $102,510
14 JohnDeere Oklahoma Distaff Challenge (G3) Remington Park On The Map $45,000
14 Mexican QHA Classic (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas Native Cartel $19,000
14 Red CellOklahoma Distance Challenge (G3) Remington Park Plain Eye Opening $48,240
14 Mother's Day Stakes (R) Delta Downs Athena Raquel $35,000
14 Albuquerque Spring Futurity (R) Downs at Albuquerque Earth Angel Baby $53,500
13 The Lineage Championship (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Gotta Get $40,890
13 John Augustine Stakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Shez Classy Now $37,600
13 Hard Twist Stakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Chicks Are Streakin $44,180
13 Pelican Stakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Miss Lucky Lucky $44,180
13 Ford Texas JuvenileChallenge (G2) Retama Park Bridled Lightnin $70,470
7 Ford Mexico Challenge Hipodromo de lasAmericas Remember Me Rose $38,080
7 Ft. Pierre Open Derby Ft. Pierre Fas Money Girl $15,800
7 Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Derby (R) Ft. Pierre CallThe Account $15,000
7 Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Futurity (R) Ft. Pierre Dash Of Hot Colours $17,600
7 Ft. Pirre Open Futurity Ft. Pierre Streak Awesome $17,600
7 John Deere Northwest Distaff Challenge Sun Downs Kipas Fit $21,240
7 Sooner StateStakes (RG1) RemingtonPark Country Chicks Man $106,000
6 King William Handicap Retama Park Shesastreakinlady $15,000
4 Sudden Impact Handicap RemingtonPark Conner Can $21,700


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Remington Park Futurity (G1) Remington Park First Prize Robin $568,591
30 Gem County Fair Futurity Gem County Fair Egos Classic Knud $16,959
30 Quicksilver Stakes RemingtonPark Sting Scorpion Sting $25,000
30 SLM Big Daddy Stakes Remington Park SLM Snowman $50,000
30 Remington Park Derby(G2) Remington Park Real Visions $228,350
30 Louisiana Bred LaddieFuturity (RG2) Delta Downs Lights Out Lidge $213,100
30 Louisiana Bred Lassie Futurity (RG2) Delta Downs Logans Game $213,100
30 Portland Meadows Futurity Portland Meadows EZ Speedy Leader $28,550
29 Alabama Futurity (RG3) Delta Downs Tysup $77,165
29 Alabama Derby(RG3) Delta Downs Striking Black Gold $37,300
29 Ben E. Keith Stakes (R) Retama Park Dolce La Jolla $15,000
29 Black Gold 300 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Smokin Slipper $22,500
28 Stampede Park Classic Stakes StampedePark KR Montana Shake Em $15,849 (U.S.)
28 Belmont Shores Handicap Los Alamitos Boyhood $15,000
23 Bob Moore Memorial Stakes (G3) Remington Park You Betcha Can $35,340
23 Garret's Miss Pawhuska Stakes Remington Park Bullions N Garters $35,850
23 John Alleman Memorial Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs JJ Diamond Jess $35,000
23 Louisiana Purchase Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Angelas Toast $50,000
23 Pot O'Gold Futurity (G3) Sun Downs Go Go Getter $25,000
23 Manor Downs Invitational Stakes (R) Manor Downs Ms Streakin Special $32,690
23 Manor Downs Futurity (G1) Manor Downs Okey Dokey Fantasy $336,520
23 Special Hank Handicap(G3) Downs at Albuquerque Bang (TB) $40,000
22 Garden Grove Handicap LosAlamitos Adriannas Dasher $15,000
22 Manor Downs Derby(G2) Manor Downs Identity Theft $140,960
22 Manor Downs Maturity (G3) Manor Downs Party Hound $44,430
21 Desert Classic Futurity (RG3) Turf Paradise Bud Takes Over $86,593
21 Cypress Handicap Los Alamitos Strength InNumbers $15,000
16 Easily A Possum Derby Hipodromo de las Americas Native Cartel $34,364
16 Delta DashStakes Delta Downs Jack Zee Quick $15,000
16 Frances Carr Distaff Stakes Manor Downs Streak FoeMe $40,000
16 New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG1) Sunland Park Famous Lane $293,745
15 La Primera delAno Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Kaniska $160,300
15 TQHA Stakes (R) Manor Downs Shake EmFever $17,500
15 New Mexican SpringFling Stakes (RG3) Sunland Park Hedge Fund $75,550
14 El Primo del Ano Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Volcom $129,400
14 AQRA President's Spring Futurity (G3) Turf Paradise Theslatesclean $40,660
14 Blink of an Eye Stakes Remington Park You Betcha Can $21,800
13 Pauls Valley Stakes Remington Park Roto Rooster $35,850
9 The Prize Classic Hipodromo de las Americas Privateer North $26,364
9 Leo Stakes Remington Park Country Chicks Man $101,700
9 Top Deck Handicap Downs at Albuquerque Hersey Moon Bar $40,000
9 West Texas Futurity (G1) Sunland Park Jess Destined $230,855
8 West Texas Juvenile (RG3) Sunland Park Winning Intent $50,600
8 Getaway Handicap Sunland Park La Especial Corona $50,000
8 Kaweah Bar Handicap Los Alamitos Aladim Bryan SA $27,100
7 Miss Princess Handicap Los Alamitos Sassy Corona $37,250
2 Oklahoma Futurity (G3) Remington Park Painted First $200,000
2 Lazy E Futurity (RG2) Remington Park Queen Of Anywhere $93,390
2 Oklahoma Derby (G3) Remington Park Eye M Windy $76,075
2 Lazy E Derby (RG2) Remington Park Going To The Hague $84,887
2 Manuel Lujan Stakes Downs at Albuquerque Makin Willies $40,000
2 MBNA America New Mexico Challenge (G1) Sunland Park A Long Goodbye $111,150
1 Newport Beach Handicap Los Alamitos Easy Swinger (TB) $27,150
1 Decketta Handicap Remington Park Bullions N Garters $36,600
1 Manor Downs Handicap III Manor Downs JW Silver $17,300


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 OceanRunaway Handicap Los Alamitos Casique Corona $18,000
26 Sunland New Mexico-Bred Invitational Handicap (R) Sunland Park Dash Ta Moon $42,800
26 Remington Park Distance Handicap Remington Park RunAnd Pray $35,000
26 Manor DownsHandicap II Manor Downs Meteoric $18,200
26 Portland Meadows Derby Portland Meadows La Kangura $21,300
25 West Texas Derby (G2) SunlandPark Ms Klee $123,105
19 Eastex Handicap (G3) RemingtonPark Country Chicks Man $51,600
19 Red Cell New Mexico Distance Challenge (G2) Sunland Park Sherrys Aria $58,680
19 Longhorn Derby(G2) Manor Downs Jesstified $114,180
18 Dillingham Handicap Los Alamitos Adriannas Dasher $27,550
18 Mardi Gras Derby(RG3) Evangeline Downs Agents Of Copper $57,283
18 Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2) Evangeline Downs This Glas Toasted $147,572
18 Longhorn Juvenile Invitational (R) Manor Downs AceBack To Zoom $26,960
18 Longhorn Futurity (G2) Manor Downs Okey Dokey Fantasy $265,680
18 Blue Ribbon Derby(G3) Blue Ribbon Downs GB Bar Buddy $56,275
18 Blue RibbonFuturity (G2) Blue Ribbon Downs Cartel Success $234,002
17 La Pacifica Handicap Los Alamitos Perrys Spittin Image $27,250
12 Chirina Glorys Handicap Hipodromo de las Americas Tacubaya $29,000
5 Laguna Hills Handicap Los Alamitos Shy Anns Trust $18,000
5 Mesilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park Duke Of Houston $100,000
5 Manor Downs Handicap I Manor Downs Valors Gold $18,100


Date Race Track Winner Purse
25 Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Gold Medal Jess $204,350
25 West TexasMaturity (G2) Sunland Park A Long Goodbye $61,551
24 Los Alamitos WinterDerby (G1) Los Alamitos Startlet Hawk $210,550
19 Velocidad Classic Hipodromo de las Americas Rare Samako $27,000
18 Fullerton Stakes Los Alamitos Sassy Corona $18,000
17 Marina Del ReyHandicap Los Alamitos Gottobes Cat $18,000
12 Rillito Park Challenge Shootout Rillito Park Lawful $11,600
12 New Mexico Horse Breeders' Association Stakes (RG2) SunlandPark Blazin Nights $125,000
5 Mexican National Championship Hipodromo de las Americas Native Cartel $20,909


Date Race Track Winner Purse
28 Moonshiner Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Shy AnnsTrust $21,700
22 West Texas Marathon Stakes (G3) SunlandPark Takin On The Coup $63,756
21 Super Bowl Handicap Los Alamitos Furious Dasher $21,500
20 Inaugural Classic (G3) Hipodromo de las Americas Chickout My Beaucoup $25,000
15 KHEY/Y96 Handicap (G3) Sunland Park A Long Goodbye $50,000
14 Bellflower Handicap Los Alamitos Aladim Bryan SA $18,000
13 Anaheim Handicap Los Alamitos Deeheiress $18,000
7 Charger Bar Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Texas Chatterbox $110,550