Get Started Showing AQHA

Use these valuable resources to learn more about showing American Quarter Horses.

Showing American Quarter Horses is fun for the entire family, and we want to help you get the most out of your showing experience. Showing is about much more than prizes and the thrill of competition. Whether it’s your profession or your pastime, showing is also very rewarding – the best rewards you’ll carry in your heart for a lifetime. You’ll make lifelong friends who share your passion, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Most importantly, you’ll do it all with the most loyal, responsive, hardworking and willing teammate you’ll ever have – the American Quarter Horse.

Step 1: Determine Which Division You Should Enter.

 Will you compete in youth, amateur or open classes? Find out by learning more about divisions offered for American Quarter Horse exhibitors.

Step 2: Purchase an AQHA Membership.

Membership types are specific to the division you show in. For instance, you will need an amateur membership if you want to compete in amateur classes.

Step 3: Find a Show Near You.

When you're ready to go to a show, use our handy online calendar for a list of AQHA-approved shows near you.

Step 4: Check Your Level Eligibility.

Print a copy of your level eligibility and take it with you to the show office for your next show. The print-out will be proof for the show secretary that you're eligible for beginner classes, like Rookie and Level 1.

Step 5: Use These AQHA Resources to Start Your Horse-Showing Journey.

AQHA is here to help you dive into the exciting world of horse showing. Learn the lingo by studying AQHA's divisions, levels, classes and more.