Ride the Rail/Ride the Pattern Clinics

AQHA Professional Horsemen provide free clinics around the country.

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Ride the Rail/Ride the Pattern clinics allow riders to receive advice from top-tier American Quarter Horse trainers before competing. These clinics are predominantly hosted at AQHA world championship and Level 1 championship shows, but some AQHA affiliates choose to host these clinics at other shows, as well. 

Ride the Rail/Ride the Pattern clinics are taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen. During the clinic, the Professional Horseman or -woman demonstrates the pattern or rail work that exhibitors will be performing the next day in what he considers the ideal manner. Most AQHA Professional Horsemen are also AQHA judges, so they can provide attendees with a judge's perspective on how to best perform the pattern. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions of the clinician to maximize their learning experience.