Horse Ownership

Resources to make the most of owning a horse. From buying, to costs to care and management, learn how to own an American Quarter Horse.

October 25, 2021 | News and Publications , Ranching
Ready to sell your horse? Use these tips and tricks to get the best horse conformation pictures.
September 09, 2021 | News and Publications , The American Quarter Horse Journal
After a long hiatus, I realized that I could never feel at home without a horse. 
July 17, 2021 | News and Publications , Buying
Breaking up is hard to do, but it's important to know when it's time to change horses. Plus, read five tips on how to buy the right horse for you.
June 21, 2021 | About AQHA , Registering/transfer
A dun horse is more than a buckskin with a dorsal stripe. Explore the differences and the dun variations of red run, classic dun and grullo.
June 20, 2021 | About AQHA , Breeding and foal care
Mares occasionally exhibit behavioral traits that are more typical of stallions. There are several possible causes, including increase in blood testosterone levels.


Buyers Guide to an American Quarter Horse
This free e-book – offered in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish – walks you through how to become an informed American Quarter Horse buyer.
How to Tie a Lead Rope and Rope Halter
Learn how to tie your horse safely with this free ebook, plus learn the correct way to tie a rope halter.
Horse Trailer Loading Tips
Download this handy, free ebook for help getting your horse into the trailer peacefully.