Leading Owners, Trainers, Breeders and Jockeys

Points of the leaders in the Bank of America Racing Challenge.

The John Deere Champion Owner receives John Deere product and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.       


Owner  Points
Charles G Stojan - 2020 LEADING OWNER      74
Rockin J Running Horses      46
Chris Sutton      40
Tom and Kathleen McNally      39
Darling Farms      36
Debra M Gotovac      32
Luis H Gonzalez      30
Lex A Fabrizio      30
Tom Maher & Dick Tobin      30


The Nutrena Champion Breeder receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.

Breeder    Points
Steve D Burns DVM - 2020 LEADING BREEDER      73
Bobby D Cox             69
Fulton Quien Sabe Ranches LP      51
Dean R Frey      41
Reliance Ranches LLC      40
Tom and Kathleen McNally      39
Randy Dickerson      36
Edward C Allred      33
Clarence Scharbauer III      30
Andy R Caulo      30
James E and Marilyn Helzer      30


The Wrangler Champion Trainer receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.

Trainer  Points
William H Leech - 2020   LEADING TRAINER                         88
Jason Olmstead


Clinton R Crawford      81
Monty Arrossa      78
John Stinebaugh      65
Nick Lowe      55
John D Hammes      53
Tammy K Johnson      52
Mark Hanson      52
Michael W Joiner      50


The Nutrena Champion Jockey receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.    

Jockey  Points
Jesus Valenzuela - 2020 LEADING JOCKEY (by tie breaker)      69
Berkley Packer                                    69
Cody Rodger Smith      59
Ricardo Moreno Andrade      53
Eric Ayala      50
Mario Delgado      48
Ramiro Haro Garcia      46
Cristian Esqueda      45
Agustin Silva      39
Jesus Canales      37