Level 2

At this level, moderately accomplished horses and riders can compete against exhibitors with similar skills and experience levels.

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Level 2 allows exhibitors to move up from Level 1 and aspire to Level 3. Designed for beginning to minimally accomplished exhibitors, Level 2 even offers championships for open, amateur and youth competitors.

How Is Level 2 Eligibility Determined?

All points earned in the past three years are tabulated, excluding exhibitor Level 1 and Rookie points. Exhibitors may then compare that three-year total to the level point ranges to see if they are eligible for Level 2. Sound like too much work? Let AQHA do the math for you! Log into www.aqha.com/services.

Adequan® Level 2 Championships

Adequan® Level 2 Championships are offered for in open, amateur, Select and youth divisions.

  • Open: held in conjunction with the Nutrena AQHA World Championship Show
  • Amateur: held in conjunction with the Nutrena AQHA World Championship Show
  • Select: offered in the seven core classes, held in conjunction with the Adequan® Select AQHA World Championship Show
  • Youth: held in conjunction with the AQHYA World Championship Show

How to Qualify for Adequan® Level 2 Championships

To earn an invitation to the Adequan® Level 2 Championships, eligible competitors must earn half the points required to qualify in Level 3.

Then to enter the Adequan® Level 2 class, the rider must not be included on the ineligible riders list