Level 2 and 3 Judges Cards

This tutorial shows you how to complete AQHA judges cards for Level 2 and Level 3 classes that are held together.

Leveling Tips:

  • SHW112.1-The points available to the Level 2 class will be based on the number of Level 2
  • entries in the class.
  • SHW112.2- The number of points available to the Level 3 entries will be the total number of both Level 2 and Level 3 entries in the class.
  • Make sure your ring steward has a list of Level 2 back numbers before the start of class.
  • In scored classes, use whatever ladder sheet you are comfortable with.
  • Always legibly sign judges cards. It’s always helpful to the AQHA results clerks if you include your AQHA number on a few of your cards. 

Placed Class:

  • Place 15 on the Level 3 card.
  • Circle the Level 2 entries.
  • Transfer Level 2 entries onto the Level 2 judges card.

Any Leveled Class:

Per SHW 400.4:

  • If less than two entries in a Level 2 class, entries will be combined with Level 3.

Scored Class That Is Leveled :

  1. Score class on ladder sheet. Note: Any ladder sheet is acceptable.
  2. Place 15 numbers on Level 3 judges card.
  3. Circle Level 2 entries on the Level 3 card.
  4. Fill out Level 2 judges card.