Make Your Mark

AQHYA challenges each youth to strive to encourage, empower and elevate their Quarter Horse journey.

2021 AQHYA theme logo Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is the American Quarter Horse Youth Association’s theme for  2021.

As an AQHYA member, you have the influence to Make Your Mark on your community, the horse industry you love, and on other individuals, becoming the next generation of powerful youth leaders. 

Creating innovative and inclusive outreach opportunities, youth members are actively making their mark on their communities from local barns and peer groups to a national platform. Through AQHYA competition and events, youth are learning to develop sportsmanship and time management, and understanding the value of hard work. Youth are actively making a mark on the future of the industry by investing time in their own membership and inviting new members to join the AQHYA community.

We challenge each youth to strive to encourage, empower and elevate their journey to Make Your Mark through monthly areas of focus.

  • First Quarter Focus: Communication
  • Second Quarter Focus: CommUNITY
  • Third Quarter Focus: Horsemanship
  • Fourth Quarter Focus: Membership

AQHYA will be encouraging participation through social media initiatives.

Tag @officialaqhya and #MakeYourMark in your social media posts to share how you are making your mark on AQHYA and the equine industry.