Mare Owner

As a mare owner, you have quite a lot invested in the foal you have produced.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind and check off your list as you prepare to submit a registration application:

  • All mares must be DNA typed. 
  • They must be bred to an AQHA-registered stallion. 
  • They must be on a stallion breeding report for the year they were bred to the stallion you chose, and the stallion owner must sign the breeder’s certificate on the application or release it online.
  • The registration application must be fully filled out. Please see the registration guide.
    • If you were the owner of the dam at the time of breeding and foaling, you’ll need to sign boxes 6 and 8 on the registration application. If you weren’t the owner at the time of breeding, you’ll need to get the breeder’s signature on the breeder’s certificate in box 8.
      mare owner signatures needed on registration application

Depending on how your mare is bred, you may need to meet other requirements. Was your foal produced using a natural or artificial method?