The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum

Celebrating and preserving the history of the American Quarter Horse.

American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Induction and Reunion Celebration
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America's Horse in Art

What's Inside

Take a peek inside the Hall of Fame & Museum.

The moment you approach the Museum, you are greeted by the beautiful, larger-than-life bronze statues of history-making American Quarter Horses. Spend time reflecting outside at the Wall of Honor Plaza, honoring and memorializing the horses and people who've paved the way for the American Quarter Horse.

Bringing the Museum to You

A field trip that comes to your classroom!

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum is now offering a new trunk program -- think of it as a field trip in a box that comes to your school! And we are proud to say our trunk program ran through the classroom riggers to ensure the writing lessons are fun and educational.

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