Young Investigator Award

The American Quarter Horse Foundation and the American Quarter Horse Association are pleased to announce the creation of the Young Investigator Award.

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Who is Eligible?

  • MS or PhD level graduate students
  • DVM/VMD level residency interns
  • Postdoctoral researchers in training

Research performed must be monitored by a graduate level advisor, major professor or senior faculty PhD or DVM/VMD mentor. Graduate or residency students wishing to apply must be currently enrolled in a graduate sciences program.

Research Projects

Proposals must be for a stand alone or pilot project with exceptionally focused scope and objectives in the field of equine research. Research should be completed within a one-year period with a viable outcome, endpoint and or publication expected upon completion of the project. Project proposals should incorporate the American Quarter Horse Foundation equine research program priority statement.

Project Funding

Funding requests should not exceed $20,000. Budgetary items for research assistance may include graduate student tuition, lease and care of horses, consumable supplies, service contracts and publication costs. Approved projects will be funded on a fiscal year basis of October 1 through September 30 of the year awarded.

Deadline for submission of proposals is November 1.

Proposals should conform to the Foundation’s Young Investigator Award Application format. In addition to existing research funding offered, specialized assistance is also available for future head trauma research.

To obtain an application, contact Laura Owens with the American Quarter Horse Foundation at (806) 378-5034 or