AQHA Horseback Riding Program: All-Breeds 2,000 Hour Awards

Congratulations to the All-Breeds Horseback Riding Program participants who have completed 2,000-hours - the best reward is a journey full of memories.

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Janetta Martin
Montana Sky
Oakhurst, Oklahoma​​​​​​


Bonnie Quance
Gadsby, Alberta, Canada

I am a lifetime member of AQHA, and so happy to have reached the 2,000 hour milestone for all breed horseback riding hours.  Logging my hours brings awareness on how many hours have been spent enjoying the winter months driving.  Since retirement, I am blessed to ride or drive every day.  My husband Stan and I reside on the family homestead which has a beautiful coulee with the Big Knife Creek running through the bottom north pasture.  You don't stop riding and driving when you get OLD, you get OLD when you stop. Thank you for the program!




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