Horse Show Tack Rooms: 13 Budget-Friendly Hacks

Horse Show Tack Rooms: 13 Budget-Friendly Hacks

Use these tips to save time and money at your next horse show.

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By Pamela Britton-Baer

If you’re of a certain age, you might not know what a “hack” is, but simply put, it’s a creative way to manage things and maybe save you some money along the way. This is a list of my favorite horse show hacks for organizing tack rooms and stall areas.


  1. Power up: Portable power strip surge protectors are must-haves for horse shows these days. I like the FlePow power strip that comes with a 5-foot cord (so it will reach those oddly placed outlets), multiple USB ports and two power outlets. See hack No. 9 for an easy way to hang them up. You’ll be able to charge all your devices and still have an outlet for your clippers.
  2. Kick the Bucket: Don’t use the typical 20-quarter bucket for your horse's water. It’s far easier to stuff a muck-sized bucket in a corner. You’ll fill up once a day, maybe less, and you won’t have to check water levels constantly. We recommend the big buckets from the discount store. They’re cheap and light.
  3. Clamp It Down: We’re not talking binder clips. We’re talking the big, industrial-size spring clamps that you buy at home improvement stores. These work great for holding things in place like stall curtains and that wayward white board that keeps falling down.
  4. Rub-A-Dub-Tub: Ever step into a shared tack stall and wonder where all your stuff is? Keep it all together in a tub – it’s like having an oversized drawer. Whether it’s to store a bridle or a groom bucket or your pre-show sweatshirt, it’s far easier to have it all in one place, and nice when you don’t have to worry about someone moving things around. I recommend the kind with the built-in lid.
  5. Zippity-Doo-Dah: Did you know you can buy zip-ties that are 36 inches long? Yes, that’s right – a yard. You could zip-tie yourself to the saddle if you wanted to (but I don’t recommend that). Use these for anchoring saddle racks and other portable equipment.
  6. Lights, Camera, Action: Never walk along a dark stall aisle again. Ever Brite portable motion-activated lights stick up anywhere. Hang them outside your stall for those early morning feedings or inside a tack room for more light. Just be sure they have access to sunlight for easy recharging.
  7. Take It to The Mat: Dollar store placemats are small and portable, and they work great as a clean surface for applying hoof black. They fold up so easily, you won’t even notice them in your grooming bucket, and they make pre-class touch ups on dirt surfaces a cinch to manage.
  8. Stars’n Wipes: We’ll give a gold star to whoever invented baby wipes. Everyone should have a can of them in their groom bucket. Wipe down your hands, your horse, even your clothes in an emergency. A must have.
  9. Stick 'Em Up: After Duct Tape, Velcro will be your new best friend. You can buy it by the yard or a pre-packed roll. These days, you can even find tool hangers made of Velcro. I’ve used it for adhering power strips to the walls of a tack stall. Leave the sticky side behind and replace it with a new sticky side at the next show.
  10. Latex Gloves: Raise your hand if you’ve ruined a manicure while preparing for a horse show. Gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands clean before your showmanship classes.
  11. Over and Under: Some favorite tack room organizers didn’t come from horse catalogs. There’s a wealth of “over the door” products at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart. My favorites include the square shoe organizers – perfect for cubbies at the shows. I also love the hanging full-length mirror, clothing rack and pocket organizers.
  12. Multipurpose Tool: These puppies would make MacGyver jealous. They’re so handy that you’ll wonder what you ever did without one. Some have hammers, others have saws, some even have bottle openers for, ahem, opening up a soda. Yeah, a soda.
  13. Collapsible Storage Containers: These are made of fabric and pop up or down. They’re perfect for holding brushes and other grooming tools. Or you can go one step further and try one of the rolling storage chests. The box doubles nicely as a step stool for easy braiding and banding. (No more teetering on a stepladder.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of favorite horse show hacks. Now it’s time to share yours. Write to with your best hack. We’ll include some of the best in future articles. 

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Full-time writer, part-time American Quarter Horse exhibitor Pamela Britton-Baer has kept AQHA readers in stitches for years with her take on the trials and tribulations of horse ownership and showing. Read her column in The American Quarter Horse Journal and if you're an AQHA member, download the 33-page Horse Showing Humor e-book, which holds 16 of the most beloved Journal columns penned by Pam.


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