5 Reasons Why Scholarships Are Awesome

5 Reasons Why Scholarships Are Awesome

An AQHYA membership unlocks the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships from the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

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We've rounded up 5 reasons we love scholarships from the American Quarter Horse Foundation, available exclusively to AQHYA and AQHA members.

1. Free Money 

The American Quarter Horse Foundation awarded scholarships totaling more than $420,000 to 159 AQHYA and AQHA members for the 2020-21 academic year. The scholarship program has provided more than $8.5 million in financial assistance since its inception in 1976. That is a lot of money, and it could be yours. The best part about it, you never have to pay it back.

2. Lift Financial Burden

The average college graduate comes out of college with nearly $30,000 worth of debt. A big chunk of this debt could be eliminated with the assistance of scholarships.

3. More Opportunities 

As students decide on their home away from home, a Foundation scholarship can help make the college or university of your dreams a reality. It is never too early to start your application. 

4. Résumé Booster 

Youth may not realize it now, but everything they do today will affect what they will do in the future. Scholarships are a great achievement to put on a résumé. It shows others the time and effort required to merit the award. It also shows that youth are excited for their future and care about it enough to put in a little extra effort.

5. Build Confidence 

There is no greater feeling than when youth get a letter in the mail that reads, “Congratulations, you have been chosen to receive an American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarship!” They'll feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

These are just a few reasons why AQHYA members should apply for a scholarship from the American Quarter Horse Foundation. The deadline is January 15, and it will be here before you know it.