50 Ways to Use Duct Tape Around the Barn

50 Ways to Use Duct Tape Around the Barn

Whether you have a ripped hay bag or a damaged water bucket, duct tape can repair your problems in a pinch. Here's how to use duct tape in a horse barn.

Board with blue masking tape outlining a churn-dash pattern.

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Duct tape has a reputation for being the solution to all problems, even horse-related ones. Nowadays, you can don duct tape of any color, pattern or animal print. But no matter how many times the color changes, there’s one thing that stays the same: Duct tape can fix (almost) all tangible problems.

So, we’ve compiled several ways you can use duct tape as an easy fix-it for your horseback-riding needs:

  1. Tape up a leaky hose.
  2. Label stalls with horses’ names, feeding needs, turnout instructions, etc.
  3. Repair rips and tears in blankets and sheets.
  4. Repair busted feed sacks.
  5. Make an instant belt or suspenders when you'v forgotten your real ones at home.
  6. Apply to reins so beginning riders will know where to hold their hands.
  7. Tape over baling twine when using it as an emergency rope.
  8. Hold together broken side mirrors on a truck or tractor - or even windshields.
  9. Emergency repair of broken cross ties.
  10. Tape handles on buckets to prevent your horse’s mane, tail or nose from getting caught.
  11. Patch holes in the bottom of a bucket.
  12. Tape feed instructions to feed bucket handles.
  13. Waterers – If they get kicked, duct tape can hold them together.
  14. Tape around horseshoe nails to secure them during turnout.
  15. Quick freestyle reining costume: Wear black and white duct tape for jailbird stripes.
  16. Cover holes in the roof vent of your trailer’s dressing room when damaged by hail.
  17. Create permanent lines for a grid on the barn’s dry erase message board.
  18. Apply to leg wraps when the Velcro strips rip off.
  19. Use as a substitute Band-Aid (with gauze covering the wound).
  20. Remove horse hair from your clothes when you don’t have time to change after doing barn chores or riding.
  21. Taping foam rubber to stirrups for to add extra “cush” for long rides. Or add a block to stirrups that are too short and secure with duct tape.
  22. Holds tennis balls to horn tips on junior steers at ropings.
  23. Secure a diaper on a hoof as a poultice.
  24. Repair pitchforks.
  25. Repair broken brushes and combs.
  26. Patch up a torn seat on tractor, truck or other chairs.
  27. Hold your dashboard in place.
  28. Stick over tops of nail heads in stalls, or over other sharp objects.
  29. Hold up posters and notes in the barn.
  30. Tape your pinky finger so it won’t be sore after roping 100 steers.
  31. Tape fingers to avoid blisters while trying the practice dummy.
  32. At a sale, wrap duct tape around the cheek side of the horse’s halter and then write his lot number on the tape. That way, people will know which horse to look up. This is easier than gluing numbers to horses.
  33. Cover trailer door hinge so your horse won’t cut its hip when backing out.
  34. As a name tag, stuck on your saddle pad, for clinics.
  35. Add padding to the inside of your western hat that’s too big.
  36. Hold on faulty windshield wipers.
  37. Secure extension cords for fans/lights, etc., on stalls at shows so the extra cord isn’t a safety hazard.
  38. Create makeshift hay hooks by wrapping duct tape around the wire on bales of hay.
  39. While waiting for the veterinarian to arrive, hold together a wound that needs to be sutured.
  40. Post your show schedule on the side of your trailer.
  41. Wrap around the base of a travel coffee cup to make it more stable in the truck’s cup holder.
  42. Wrap around frayed lead rope ends to keep them under control.
  43. Reinforce the Velcro on old splint boots.
  44. Emergency fan belt repair on truck.
  45. Temporarily use to hold a bit in place when a headstall is missing screws.
  46. If your horse normally chews off bandages, duct tape applied over the closures will discourage chewing.
  47. Repair damage to leather couch in R.V. after puppy chews it up.
  48. The AQH Show Department uses duct tape to post show results at the AQHA World Championship Show.
  49. Wrap a whip back together after your horse chews it up.
  50. Wrap around bell boots to make them last longer.
  51. Use duct tape while building a barn quilt.