6 Tips for Recharging and Slowing Down, American Quarter Horse-Style

6 Tips for Recharging and Slowing Down, American Quarter Horse-Style

2021 is full steam ahead, and so are our daily lives. Set the New Year’s resolutions aside and learn how to relax and re-energize at home, in the saddle and at the barn.

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By Ashley Baller, AQHA International

At the turn of the year, we find ourselves swarmed in New Year’s resolutions, as the world looks ahead to a fresh start. We determine what should be left behind, which habits are here to stay, and most of all, what goals we want to accomplish over the course of the new year. Though this is a motivating and exciting practice, the pressure to embark on newly established aspirations can lend itself to be overwhelming. 

We now have the first month of 2021 under our belts and the initial gusto of the “new year, new me” trend is beginning to fade. Whether you are in between resolution goals or are looking for a sign to slow down, take this as your signal to rest because life is meant to be enjoyed, hand in “hoof,” with the American Quarter Horse.

Read on as we take a spin on New Year’s resolutions to provide six tips for how to recharge the American Quarter Horse way. 

1. Learn a new western recipe.

Food is near and dear to our hearts, so why not combine some of the best things on the planet (food and horses) into one adventure? Schedule some time in your busy week to try one of these quick and easy meals for on-the-go horsemen and -women to take with you on your way to feed your four-legged friends, or simply out on the trail. 

2. Spend time with friend’s horseback – live or virtually.

The global pandemic has decided to stay a while. As you patiently wait for the day to arrive where you can show your American Quarter Horse in a live environment, prepare for your next go in the show ring by practicing at home. Invite friends over, or try it out virtually, for a mock horse show simulation to hone your riding skills and catch up on some much-needed social time, while adhering to your local health protocols. Before you get started, be sure to read the 10 essentials to a mock horse show.

3. Relieve stress through a grooming session.

Nothing is more satisfying than admiring a clean, shiny American Quarter Horse after investing a couple hours of elbow grease on grooming. If you are in the need of a motivation boost from a fun accomplishment, set the everyday tasks aside, grab your curry comb and hit the wash rack with your American Quarter Horse. But first, make sure that you have these must-have horse grooming tools. 

4. Get back to the basics

Take a break from schooling your horse and treat yourself by trying these six horseback exercises to improve your strength, rhythm and balance in the saddle. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have fallen out of the habit of focusing on yourself, try giving your horsemanship a little “self-care.” We promise your horse won’t mind! 

5. Stay connected out of the saddle.

Sometimes it’s nice to spend time at the barn without saddling up or pulling your horse out. Next time you engage in a therapeutic barn or stall-cleaning session, find entertainment or learn a new thing or two for your next ride by listening to a podcast tailored for the American Quarter Horse enthusiast. We guarantee you will be hooked after listening to one of these podcasts hosted by legendary trainers and other industry professionals. 

6. Hit the trail.

Observe nature and explore new terrain through an energizing trail ride. Take a break from the pressures of life by enjoying time with your American Quarter Horse in their natural element. After all, the best view is that from between a horse’s ears, isn’t it? Brush up on your trail riding etiquette and enjoy the ride! 

Taking time to rest, recharge and enjoy the finer things in life is complementary to working diligently toward goals. Keep these six tips in your back pocket for the next time you decide to slow down, and as always, do it American Quarter Horse-style. 

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