8 Things To Know About The Youth Excellence Seminar

8 Things To Know About The Youth Excellence Seminar

Are you or your youth thinking about attending the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar, AQHYA’s leadership conference? Get information about what you can expect at this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Imagine a place where young horse enthusiasts of all walks come together: Ages 10 to 18, AQHYA members and nonmembers alike, a variety of disciplines from horse-showers to ranchers, horse-crazed girls and their reluctant brothers, timid wallflowers and outgoing social butterflies.

Bank of America is proud to sponsor the Youth Excellence Seminar  that is known to truly welcome everyone. The three-day, fun-packed event offers valuable leadership skills, inspiring speakers and tons of fun.

The 2022 seminar, set for July 12 - 14 in Amarillo, Texas, is also where AQHYA national officer and regional director elections take place.

About the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar (YES)

  1. Build your leadership skills. Get engaged with the interactive leadership workshops, talk from our keynote speaker Courtenay DeHoff, and participate in our community service activity to help you grow your leadership abilities, all while meeting new friends and having fun!   

  2. It’s OK to go outside of your comfort zone. That’s what the conference’s mixer games are all about, and many attendees will tell you that the games are their favorite part of YES.

  3. Make an impact in your community. Each year at YES, youth participants engage in a hands-on service activity. You will not only make an impact in your community, but also learn what it means to be a servant leader and to give back to something bigger than yourself.

  4. You’ll find horse enthusiasts all over the world. Yes, AQHYA members from all over the world travel to YES to attend.

  5. You don’t have to own horses to attend. Past AQHYA Region 3 Director Curtis Johnson notes that he has always been around horses, from doing chores in the barn to (reluctantly) having to go watch his big sister at lessons or shows. Curtis had an amazing time at his first YES in 2016 and was hooked after that – and he has since attended 3 more YES conventions! 

  6. AQHYA is so much more than showing horses. YES attendees get a closer look at the all the amazing programs AQHYA offers. Plus, they’ll meet members who have participated in amazing programs like the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program, AQHA Youth Racing Experience and more! 

  7. Everyone has something in common: the American Quarter Horse. Sierra Walter, past AQHYA President says that her favorite part about YES was meeting other youth who hold the same interest - the American Quarter Horse. This passion and interest for these horses led her to gaining lifelong friends and memories from this event. 

  8. Involvement is bittersweet. You’ll love the time at YES, but when the event comes to a close, you’ll be sad to see it end. The same goes for your time as an officer, says 2018-2019 AQHYA President Olivia Tordoff. One of the most touching moments at YES is listening to speeches from the outgoing officers.

Bank of America: A Partner of AQHA 

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