Aged Geldings

Aged Geldings

DMM Secret Sinsation and Amy Jo Erhardt get a gold trophy in aged geldings.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: DMM Secret Sinsation Pedigree: 2014 sorrel gelding (The Top Secret-Contemptified by Conclusified) Breeder: Diane MIller of Hager City, Wisconsin Owner: Amy Jo Erhardt of Oxford, Ohio Exhibitor: Amy Jo Erhardt Total Class Entries: 18 World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath, Specially designed logoed jacket sponsored by STS Ranchwear, 100 pounds of Nutrena feed Reserve World Champion: McLintock and Beverly Krich of Guthrie, Oklahoma Third Place: Theres No Tellin and Anita Wiescamp of Quitman, Texas

Level 2 Champions

Level 2 Champion: Beverly Krich, showing McLintock Level 2 Reserve Champion: Anita Wiescamp, showing Theres No Tellin Level 2 Third Place: Tammy Bradshaw of Thackerville, Oklahoma, showing Payzone