AQHA International On-Site Member Services

AQHA International On-Site Member Services

AQHA International will be providing On-Site Member Services at the 2021 European Championship August 8-10 in Kreuth, Germany.

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The European Championship of American Quarter Horses is hosted by the Federation of European Quarter Horse Associations, which brings together American Quarter Horse affiliates to celebrate the breed in Europe.

The European Championship is one of Europe’s major shows and premier American Quarter Horse events. In Kreuth, Germany, Europe’s best horses and riders meet to compete for prestigious championship titles. This is the perfect platform to celebrate the unique versatility of this great breed among many countries. AQHA is proud to be a supporter of this event in 2021. More information can be found at

AQHA International will be providing On-Site Member Services at the 2021 European Championship August 8-10 in Kreuth, Germany, to assist you with your AQHA business. The booth will be located above the seats within the Ostbayern Arena and will be open from 8:00 to 17:00 each day.

Visit with an AQHA International staff member to:

  • Check the status of pending paperwork.

  • Transfer a horse, no matter how many owners, for only $25 USD per horse.*

  • Receive your registration certificate with expedited service, if all registration requirements are met.

  • Receive a free copy of the new 2021 AQHA Rulebook – available while supplies last.

*AQHA member pricing

Also be sure to attend one of three educational seminars offered by AQHA to learn more about how to properly complete AQHA forms and services. Presentations on how to complete the registration application, transfer report and stallion breeding report will occur from 12:00 to 13:00 August 8-10. Stop by to learn and ask questions. We are eager to help!

Our team would love to speak with you, so be sure to stop by to get your AQHA-related questions answered or just to say hello! When visiting an AQHA On-Site Member Services booth, please follow social-distancing protocols to protect yourself and the health of the others.

About AQHA International

The AQHA International Department functions to serve and support international members and affiliate organizations through the implementation of innovative programs and services that accommodate a diverse set of needs to enhance the value of maintaining AQHA membership globally. To learn more, please visit

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