Bryce Barkemeyer and FS Smart Boomer Chic get the gold in boxing.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: FS Smart Boomer Chic Pedigree: 2005 sorrel gelding (Smart Chic Olena-Boomers Lady Kiper by Boomernic) Breeder: David Nogle of Palatine, Illinois Owner: Bryce Barkemeyer of Scottsdale, Arizona Exhibitor: Bryce Barkemeyer Total Class Entries: 15 World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath, Specially designed logoed jacket sponsored by STS Ranchwear, world champion patch Reserve World Champion: Catelyn Walker of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, riding Do It Classy Third Place: Quincee Clark of Doddsville, Mississippi, riding Vintage San

Level 3 13-&-Under Awards

First: Bryce Barkemeyer and FS Smart Boomer Chic Second: Pinkerton Bridges of Ravenna, Texas, riding Inya Dreams translations.text.Third: Whitley Hughes of Beaver, Utah, riding Shine By Frosty Nic