Quarter Horse Coat-Color Testing

Quarter Horse Coat-Color Testing

If you’re not certain of your horse’s genetic color traits, AQHA can help with horse coat-color tests.

palomino cremello mare and foal (Credit: Angela Bieber)

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The American Quarter Horse Association offers several coat-color tests, including a panel test and individual color tests. These tests are designed to determine the actual coat color of a horse. The results of the testing will be recorded on the horse’s records for the convenience of its owners. 

In many cases, an American Quarter Horse’s coat color can be figured out based off its physical appearance. But in some cases, that is not enough information – so AQHA is able to assist members with AQHA color testing.

Owners or breeders might need further information on the genetics of a horse’s color for health reasons, such as testing for lethal white overo, or because color is a consideration in their breeding program, or because they are curious and want to be informed. 

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AQHA Coat Color Tests

The following AQHA coat-color tests are offered.

Coat-Color Panel Test

This complete test checks for:

  • Extension (black/red pigment)
  • Agouti (bay color)
  • Champagne dilution
  • Cream dilution
  • Dun dilution
  • Pearl dilution
  • Silver dilution
  • Gray (the presence or absence of gray)
  • Lethal white overo
  • Sabino 1
  • Tobiano
  • Splashed White 1-6
  • Dominant White (W5,W10,W20,W22)

Individual Coat-Color Panel Test

Any single one of the above tests, but you must specify the test you want.

Roan Zygosity

This determines if a horse carries the roan gene, and how many copies of the gene it carries.

Gray Zygosity

(Requires gray coat-color panel test.) This determines if a horse carries one or two copies of the gray gene.

Ordering AQHA Coat-Color Tests

Test Pricing

  • Panel: $95
  • Individual tests: $30 per test

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Additional Horse Coat Color Help

AQHA’s equine color specialists are available during regular AQHA business hours to answer your coat-color questions at the above number. 

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