Deja Vu

Deja Vu

The incredible story of how one exhibitor's dream led from heartbreak to a return to the show pen – and an AQHA world championship.

Caans Company Trip and Amy Wilborn

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By Amy Wilborn

Editor's Note: When The American Quarter Horse Journal interviewed Amy Wilborn following her win in open jumping last week, she told us about her dream of winning this world championship. So, we wanted her to share her story with our readers in this blog. Amy competes this week, Wednesday, November 20, in amateur jumping. Check back here to see how she and Caans Company Trip do.

"Now I lay me down to sleep ..." is how the children's nursery rhyme begins. Sleep was not had because I was showing at the AQHA World Show.

 I could smell the air around me mixed with dirt, manure and diesel fumes from the tractor that had just turned the dirt in the arena in which I wad about to enter. I was ready to walk down the alleyway to the in gate. I felt the in and out breathing of the horse I was on. The reins in my hands were held tight and I shoved my heels down one last time. The lighting in the alleyway was dim. As I am looking further past the in gate into the arena, the lights became brighter. I could feel my horse's sorrel mane hairs on my hands as well as the horse's warm neck. I am walking into the arena to compete in jumping.

That is where it ends.

You see, it was all a dream. A very real dream. I was soaked with sweat and I was crying.

Let me explain ...

My horse had been dead for two years at that point. I had gotten out of showing and even riding. I had a couple of pasture ornaments whom I fed and continued to pay the vet bills on, but my passion was gone. I felt I was not going to ever compete again. Quarter Horses were a thing of the past for me. I had moved on with my life.

I was a special-education teacher and had a daughter and husband. But I had a void in my life that I wasn't aware of until I had the dream. It  was time I started riding and showing again. It was time I got another Quarter Horse to show in jumping. It was time I make it to the World Show. It was time to win.

I never saw the face of the sorrel horse I rode in the dream. I thought it was my previous horse, "Clay" (registered as Jes Clay Quik). I thought he was telling me it was OK to move on and ride and show.

I talked it over with my husband and he agreed. It was time to look.

I began the search for my next American Quarter Horse. I looked all over the country and traveled to the Midwest to try a few out. For different reasons, those horses were not for me.

I was disappointed.

My husband always says, "If it's meant to be, it will be."

He is right.

Today, Amy is astounded at how much Caans Company Trip, left, resembles her previous horse, Jes Clay Quik, on the right. (Amy Wilborn photos)


The horse for me was found 50 miles away from our home. A local horse. We clicked instantly.

I have had Caans Company Trip, or "Trip," since February 14, 2018. He is sorrel and looks exactly like Clay, my previous horse. Trip has some of the same characteristics, too. When we show at non-Quarter Horse shows, he shows under the name Deja Vu. I love this horse. He gives his heart when pointed at a jump.

I thought in my dream, I was on Clay in the alleyway when it was dim. Now when I go out into the Norick Arena, I know I am on Trip, winning my first world championship in jumping

So you see, dreams can turn into reality with a little push from faith and a deep love.