Level 1 Amateur Horsemanship

Level 1 Amateur Horsemanship

Skye McGlasson and Hes The Rage are best in Level 1 amateur horsemanship.

level 1 amateur horsemanship Hes The Rage Skye McGlasson

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Hes The Rage Pedigree: 2002 brown gelding, Ziprageous-My Magic Zippo by Pine Bar Pat Breeder: Nancy Wargas and Rowland, North Carolina Owner: Karleigh Chatt of Batavia, New York Exhibitor: Sky McGlasson of Batavia, New York Total Class Entries: 59 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: There Goes My Zipper and Hannah Davidson of Lakewood, Colorado Third Place: Sure Enough Lazy and Katie Pidgeon-Mitchell of Ollie, Iowa Fourth Place: VS Code Theodore and Michaela Dinger of Keller, Texas Fifth Place: Dreamin To Extreme and Hannah Elizabeth Warren of Greensboro, North Carolina Sixth Place: Lazy Intentions and Angie Esselman of Lubbock, Texas Seventh Place: Iota Leave No Doubt and Charlotte Temeyer of Davie, Maryland Eighth Place: Icecream and Hanna Hedderick of Hudson, Ohio Ninth Place: Let Em Talk and Daniel Rohe of Indianapolis, Indiana Tenth Place: Willy Be A Hot Time and Katharine Driver of Murfreesboro, Tennessee