Level 1 Amateur Performance Halter Geldings

Level 1 Amateur Performance Halter Geldings

Rae Ronk shows Lu Johnny to gold in the Level 1 amateur performance halter geldings.

level 1 amateur performance halter geldings

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Lu Johnny Pedigree: 2013 bay gelding, RF Consortium-RPL Cheerished by Hear The Cheers Breeder: Janet Wood of Valentine, Nebraska Owner: Douglas Ronk of Oakwood, Illinois Exhibitor: Rae ROnk of Oakwood, Illinois Total Class Entries: 14 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: The Krymsun Invester and Chris Hammett of Pomeroy, Ohio Third Place: My Dream Remembered and Vanessa Froman of Wayne, Indiana Fourth Place: Best Man Standing and Christina Sakalas of Falls, Pennsylvania Fifth Place: A Good Luck Kiss and Janis Simmons of Navasota, Texas Sixth Place: That Cheatin Cowboy and Verneda Pabon of Sarasota, Florida Seventh Place: N A Heartbeat and Jennifer D'onofrio of Columbus, Ohio Eighth Place: Good Vibezand Marjorie Parks of Scottsdale, Arizona Ninth Place: All Envy and Meghan Murphy of Saint Clair, Michigan Tenth Place: VS Walk The Line and Donna Kaufman of San Diego, California