Level 1 Amateur Pole Bending

Level 1 Amateur Pole Bending

Elyse Koch and Zans Shining Chex earn gold in Level 1 amateur pole bending.

2020 World Show Amateur Pole Bending Zans Shining Chex

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Zans Shining Chex Pedigree: 2013 buckskin mare, Instant Chex-Zans Shining Cleo Silks Shining Spark Breeder: Don Kraft of Huntsville, Alabama Owner: Elyse and Brian Koch of Sandusky, Ohio Exhibitor: Elyse Koch of Sandusky, Ohio Total Class Entries: 6 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: French Redneck and Shelton Headley of Port Gibson, Mississippi Third Place: Fresnos Poco Dream and Michelle Williams of Tehochapi, California Fourth Place: Dunitgoodtobeapepto and Erin Gendreau of Vernon, Vermont Fifth Place: TVR Sullivan Dancer and Madi ROelofsen of Belmond, Iowa Sixth Place: Genuine French Miss and Anna Gulash of Beallsville, Ohio