Level 2 Amateur Working Cow Horse

Level 2 Amateur Working Cow Horse

Sioux Per Boom and Addison Coutts earn the Level 2 amateur working cow horse championship.

A sorrel gelding works a cow on the fence at the 2020 AQHA World Championship Show.

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Sioux Per Boom Pedigree: 2015 sorrel gelding (A Shiner Named Sioux-Boom N Tari by Boomernic) Breeder: Sunni Ann McCormick of Temecula, California Owner: Addison Coutts of Whitesboro, Texas Exhibitor: Addison Coutts Total Class Entries: 24 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: Betcha Like That and Katy Thomison of Kechi, Kansas Third Place: Frankentime and Paul Bailey of Sparta, Tennessee Fourth Place: Nic Stole My Heart and Meg Griffith-Ralston of Silt, Colorado Fifth Place: Dual Smarty and Julia Winders of Earth, Texas Sixth Place: Precious Metalz and Stefani Wagley of Abilene, Texas Seventh Place: Maximum Spoonful and Lindsey James of San Luis Obispo, California Eighth Place: Cashed My CD and Sarah McKibben of Whitesboro, Texas Ninth Place: Bud Lyte and Meg Griffith-Ralston Tenth Place: Ze Kit Cat and Molly Whitehead of Hobbs, New Mexico