New Brazilian Foal Authorization Process for Imported Semen

New Brazilian Foal Authorization Process for Imported Semen

The AQHA Executive Committee has uniformly agreed on a new breeding rights process to support its Brazilian affiliate.

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The AQHA Executive Committee uniformly approved a new breeding rights process for frozen semen destined to Brazil with the intent of being registered with the daughter studbook Associação Brasileira de Quarto de Milha (ABQM).

With the help of the ABQM Board of Directors, AQHA has initiated a new process to allow mare owners in Brazil the ability to receive authorization from a U.S. stallion owner, enabling the resulting foal to be registered in Brazil.

As of December 18, 2020, U.S. stallion owners are asked to complete a Brazilian Foal Registration Permit to verify the number of foals that can be produced from each single shipment of semen imported to Brazil. This permit is to be completed by the stallion owner only. Once completed, it is to be sent by email to the AQHA International Department at to obtain AQHA verification of the owners request. AQHA will then send the form to ABQM to satisfy ABQM’s requirements to register a foal.

This process and system were a collaborative effort between AQHA and ABQM. ABQM will maintain records of the foal authorizations issued to each mare owner and regulate the ABQM registration of foals associated with the semen shipped.

“The new process not only protects U.S. stallion owners, but also stallion owners around the globe, who sell frozen semen to Brazil from having Brazilian mare owners register an arbitrary and potentially unlimited number of foals by the stallion,” said Craig Huffhines, AQHA executive vice president. “The goal of the agreement is to protect the integrity of the breed and prevent a continued negative impact to the marketplace due to unregulated trade.”

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