New Multilingual AQHA Resources

New Multilingual AQHA Resources

AQHA introduces new multilingual resources to include a variety of forms translated for international members to access.

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American Quarter Horse Association has members in more than 100 countries around the world. For that reason, it’s necessary that key forms are translated to languages beyond English and Spanish. AQHA is proud to introduce a new multilingual resource library of essential forms for international and domestic members to utilize in their language.

The Association’s international members own more than 400,000 registered American Quarter Horses. Members are now able to access the newly translated AQHA transfer report in German, Italian, Portuguese and French, in addition to the forms already available in English and Spanish. The translated forms are available at

The AQHA international team is translating additional forms into these core languages to make resources more readily available for AQHA international members.

Keep an eye out on for more information and for additional translated forms that will be available soon!

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