Multilingual Buyer’s and Video Guides

Multilingual Buyer’s and Video Guides

AQHA International introduces new multilingual resources to guide the proper completion of forms and to support the needs of American Quarter Horse owners and buyers.

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The American Quarter Horse Association seeks to better serve American Quarter Horse owners, members and breeders internationally through the development of a multilingual resource library. To accompany the recently translated AQHA business forms, educational videos that guide the proper completion of the AQHA Registration Application, Transfer Report and Stallion Breeding Report were created and translated into AQHA’s five core languages beyond English: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

These educational videos are the first of their kind and will make for clearer comprehension of AQHA’s business services. By clarifying the elements necessary to breed, transfer and register an American Quarter Horse, AQHA hopes that you, our international member, will have an easier time doing business with the Association from anywhere in the world. These easily accessible tools are useful for new and experienced, owners and breeders.

AQHA International is also excited to make available the Buyer’s Guide to an American Quarter Horse in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. This free e-book walks AQHA members through the fundamental steps to becoming an informed American Quarter Horse buyer by outlining elements such as how to understand your needs, find a horse for purchase, considerations to make when visiting a breeder or seller, how to evaluate a horse's conformation, health considerations and more.

Whether you are completing AQHA forms or shopping for a new horse, AQHA is confident that these new multilingual resources will support you along your journey.

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