Potential Relocation to Fort Worth

Potential Relocation to Fort Worth

AQHA shares updated information regarding efforts from industry stake holders, external to AQHA staff, to potentially relocate AQHA Headquarters.

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In February, it was announced that a group of external stakeholders is raising funds for a possible relocation of the American Quarter Horse Association to Fort Worth, Texas.

Yesterday, the Fort Worth City Council approved a 50-year ground lease for the American Quarter Horse Foundation. This action by the Fort Worth City Council does not mean AQHA has made a definitive commitment to relocate. This is only a step in the process of the possibility of a move. There is no timeline for construction or relocation, as relocation is not guaranteed at this point. It’s important to understand that a move is not imminent and there is no plan for future staffing changes.

We greatly appreciate our Amarillo employees, who are focused on providing quality service to AQHA members around the world. We plan to keep the board of directors, members and the Association’s employees updated each step of the way as this possible relocation continues to develop.