QData Database Reaches $2 Billion Milestone

QData Database Reaches $2 Billion Milestone

The American Quarter Horse industry’s most robust database has recorded more than $2 billion in horse earnings.

Patriot and Nathan Piper

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QData, formerly Robin Glenn Pedigrees (RGP), is excited to announce that its database has reached $2 billion in horse earnings. The 37-year-old performance-horse database focuses on American Quarter Horses, also documenting the money earned and major accomplishments of horses from other breeds that officially cross onto American Quarter Horses. 

Since AQHA purchased RGP in 2014 to enhance its member services, the QData database has become a premier resource for American Quarter Horse pedigree and performance data. The database currently contains more than 387,200 horses, 2,366,000 performance lines and over $2 billion in horse earnings, covering every performance event related to American Quarter Horses. 

“My mother and I started this database in 1983 because I wanted every horse to get credit for every achievement on our pedigree pages,” said Robin Glenn, AQHA’s director of data services. “Back then, we coordinated the information with AQHA’s (information) manually. Today, it is done electronically, and with all activity rolled into one concise picture, QData services offer the most complete picture of a horse’s performance and produce activity in the industry.” 

Glenn began recording cutting, reining and reined cow horse data before the National Reined Cow Horse Association existed, then purchased the entire National Cutting Horse and National Reining Horse associations’ databases. Gradually, the database was expanded to cover every dollar tracked from every faction, including pleasure, halter, speed and ranch-horse events, regardless of the event’s affiliation. Earnings are so current that limited-age events are included in the database within days of the last show day.

Available to web users at www.robinglenn.com via data reports, the Catalog Builder and QStallions.com, QData’s online services offer detailed money-earning activity for all performance-horse factions and the ability to create customized data reports by utilizing several filter options, such as Performance, Dam’s Produce, Sire and Grandsire reports. The QData team continuously updates the database and plans to implement more member services that combine QData and AQHA information. 

Glenn is grateful for AQHA’s vision to purchase the database and develop new member services utilizing it.

“Thanks to AQHA’s acquisition of RGP, the QData database, the only resource offering money-earning activity combined with AQHA points and awards, allows AQHA to provide marketing, evaluation and promotional tools that I dreamed of offering the horsemen for decades,” Glenn added.

For more information on QData, visit www.robinglenn.com