QStallions.com: AQHA's Premier Quarter Horse Stallion Directory

QStallions.com: AQHA's Premier Quarter Horse Stallion Directory

Marketing your Quarter Horse stallion can be hard. Learn about the benefits of AQHAs premier Quarter Horse directory and breeder resource, QStallions.com.

palomino stallion (Credit: Bee Silva)

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Finding mares to breed to your stallion can be difficult. Many stallion owners rely on posting to their own social media channels, a breeder website or word of mouth to get clients to breed their mares to stallions. While these are great resources, these marketing platforms can be limited by discipline, community, location, etc. To market a stallion globally, top stallion owners use directories to market to a large audience of mare owners that are looking to breed to make the most profit and get their horses seen. QStallions.com is exactly that kind of directory. 

About QStallions: AQHA’s Quarter Horse Stallion Directory 

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QStallions.com is AQHA’s dynamic digital resource guide, stallion directory and trusted source of data for both mare and stallion owners. It should be no surprise that stallion owners had to order numerous individual records to keep their stallion’s information current, and mare owners didn’t always have a quality, single resource to analyze the horses that were having strong success in the performance arena. Essentially, the core of AQHA's mission is to track the pedigrees and records of performance, race and conformation horses, which through time, has created this QStallions directory. Today, QStallions is a massive marketing asset that is exclusive to AQHA. The database comprises everything from 10-generation pedigrees to progeny lists to performance data and earnings.

Some Features of QStallions, AQHA's Stallion Directory 

The QStallions.com stallion directory has everything you need to know about a stallion to help you make the best breeding decisions possible. The directory updates critical information about a stallion and his offspring every week, so breeders always have the most current information possible. It also contains statistics and information, including an updated catalog-style pedigree each week.

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Here is a list of the features offered by this directory: 

  • Mare owners can easily sort stallion data by discipline, name, sire, dam, dam sire, owner, stud fee, state and stallion’s standing location. 
  • Reports weekly activity. 
  • Features five-panel genetic test results. 
  • Links to copy of Journal ad. 
  • Displays a sire Summary. 
  • Includes a catalog pedigree 
  • Shows a variety of photos of stallion. 
  • Offers easy access to performance record, nicking report and five-cross pedigree.
  • Accessibility to add video links.
  • Reports current-year activity.
  • Displays sire statistics. 
  • Features top performance. 
  • Promotes foal eligibility. 
  • Groups horses by use: performance, pleasure/hunt seat, halter or timed events.
  • And more! 

Reasons to Use QStallions

Why Would Mare Owners Use QStallions?

The QStallions directory is easy to use and navigate based on what you are looking for. Consider the following examples:

  • If you are searching for a stallion that is close by, you can use the sorting features to find a stallion in your state.
  • For mare owners who are looking to stay within a specific budget, you can easily sort the stallions by stud fee. 
  • Mare owners can use the "Nick My Mare" tool, where you enter the broodmare sire's name, and if his cross on this stallion has produced entries in the QData Database, each horse's record will appear on a report. 
  • Use the Top 10 AQHA Point Earners report, the Top 10 QData Money Earners report or the Top 10 Race Earners report to see a stallion's current offspring and how they are currently performing. 
  • The QStallions' Sire Summary also provides you with information about current offspring. Easily view total AQHA foals, total earnings, number of money earners, total AQHA race earnings, total AQHA points earned, total AQHA Champion awards earned, AQHA world champions, AQHA world championships and AQHA reserve world championships. 
  • The QStallions' Sire Summary also breaks down foal earnings by event - barrel, reined cow horse, racing or pole bending. 

Is QStallions Right for Promoting My Stallion?

QStallions.com gives you the ability to get your Quarter Horse stallion in front of the audience you are looking for: mare owners around the globe looking to breed their horse(s).

AQHA promotes QStallions across its social media channels and to members of AQHA to give stallion owners the ability to market their stallions efficiently. For more information or to find out how to list your stallion, go to www.aqha.com/promote-your-stallion or contact advertise@aqha.org