Quality Samples Program

Quality Samples Program

AQHA International will be traveling to Slovenia and Denmark in December to support Quality Samples Program technical educational seminars on artificial insemination.

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What do Slovenia and Denmark have in common? Not only are the European countries rich in historic culture, but they will also be the locations where AQHA International will host technical educational seminars on artificial insemination with frozen semen.

The Quality Samples Program (QSP) enables potential customers around the world to discover the quality and benefits of U.S. agricultural products, including genetic material from American Quarter Horse stallions.

To receive this funding, AQHA International applies for QSP federal grant dollars via AQHA’s partner, U.S. Livestock Genetics Exports, Inc. (USLGE). In June 2021, AQHA International was granted federal funding via USLGE to support two QSP activities in Denmark and Slovenia. As part of this program, AQHA will work with the affiliates in those countries to import export-qualified frozen semen from U.S. stallions to diversify the gene pool in those markets, produce more registered American Quarter Horses and showcase the quality of U.S. exports.

Part of the QSP includes hosting technical educational seminars on artificial insemination with frozen semen. Both seminars in Slovenia and Denmark will be taught by Rafael Martinez, a PhD student from Texas A&M University who specializes in equine nutrition and reproductive physiology. All educational material will be available in Slovenian and Danish. 

  • The AQHA QSP seminar in Slovenia will take place on December 4 at the University of Ljubljana.

  • The AQHA QSP seminar in Denmark will take place on December 11 at the Kumlegaard Quarter Horse Ranch near Copenhagen.

Any current AQHA member can attend these seminars for free! If you’re not a current member, there will be a $55 USD fee to cover your AQHA membership. If you are interested in joining and want to learn more about American Quarter Horses or the Quality Samples Program, please email international@aqha.org.

For questions regarding AQHA International programs, please contact international@aqha.org.

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