Quarter Horses in Paraguay

Quarter Horses in Paraguay

The Texas A&M Equine Initiative team travels to Paraguay for the 2016 Verdugo International Horsemanship Camp series.

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Day 1

After 32 plus hours of travel, Texas A&M University's Dr. Jim Heird and Dr. Anna Morrison, along with world champion horse trainer Chance O'Neal, arrived in Paraguay to put on an AQHA seminar supported by the William R. Verdugo Grant. The seminar, held in Filadelfia in the Chaco region of Paraguay, will focus on Versatility Ranch Horse events.

On the first day of the seminar, Morrison presented lectures on the rules for ranch riding, ranch reining and ranch cutting. Dr. Heird and O'Neal led the participants through arena exercises to practice their ranch riding and reining skills, and the day ended with each participant cutting.

The seminar is being held during the Rodeo Trebol, a large regional livestock show. Approximately 40 people attended the first day of the seminar, including eight youth riders. Paraguayan affiliate president Julianna Wagner was proud to report that all seminar attendees signed up for AQHA memberships!

Keep reading below these photos for Dr. Morrison's report from Day 2.

Day 2

On the second day of the seminar, Dr. Morrison began with lectures covering ranch cow work, ranch trail and ranch conformation. Then O'Neal took the participants to the arena to practice boxing. 

After a delightful lunch of beef, rice and manioca, the participants went back to the arena to practice trail with O'Neal. The seminar finished with a lecture on genetics and selection by Dr. Heird.

After the participants were awarded their certificates, Dr. Heird, O'Neal and Dr. Morrison prepared for the trip home, which would ultimately take more than 40 hours. Overall, the trip to the Chaco was extremely successful, and the team was able to bring back the paperwork for 20 new AQHA members!

The Texas A&M Equine Initiative has been extremely proud to facilitate three seminars on behalf of the AQHA, supported by the William R. Verdugo Grant, during summer 2016!