The Future of AQHA

The Future of AQHA

During the 2021 AQHA Convention, AQHA President Norman K. Luba shared highlights regarding the Association’s path for the future.

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The American Quarter Horse Association and AQHA Executive Committee is dedicated to continuing to remain fiscally responsible with every decision made, as leadership moves the Association forward.

AQHA will continue to make contributions to the Association’s long-term reserves based on the goal of having one year of operating revenue held in the portfolio. AQHA will continue to align the operational budget with the Association’s strategic plan, including providing funding for technology innovation and development. This effort began in 2020, and it will continue in the coming years. The reality of today’s world is that embracing technology is key, and there needs to be an ongoing effort to continuously enhance it.

AQHA will ensure continuous improvement throughout each department of the Association that will benefit not only domestic membership, but also international membership. In 2020, each department underwent department-by-department strategic planning sessions. The Executive Committee will be reviewing each department’s priorities, strategies and timelines, to move from good to great as an Association.

AQHA will focus on using data to improve the services and programs it provides to its members, thereby making it easier to do business with the Association. The Association will embrace technology to continue to drive efficiencies. Automation will also continue to occur. An example of this was the electronic entry form utilized for the AQHA world championship shows in 2020. These forms will continue to be improved.

AQHA will identify ways to retain our current employees and continue to attract the best minds into our AQHA pipeline. Talent, talent development, recruitment and employee retention will continue to be a focus this year.

Finally, the Executive Committee is implementing the 2021 Commission on AQHA Competitive Events. This will be an ambitious and comprehensive three-year plan to ensure the continuous improvement of AQHA’s competitive events. It is anticipated the results of this endeavor will take effect January 1, 2025. It will require the involvement of each AQHA Standing Committee that touches AQHA competitive events in any way. More information will be discussed with the various AQHA committees in the near future.

The AQHA Executive Committee and AQHA leadership look forward to making the necessary and appropriate changes for AQHA’s future.

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