VRH Rookie Youth Conformation

VRH Rookie Youth Conformation

Isabelle Ingraham and Meradas Cash Cat win the rookie youth conformation.

VRH class winner

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Meradas Cash Cat Pedigree: 2006 sorrel mare, Cats Merada-Litas Cash Register by Cash Quixote Rio Breeder: Mark and Lisa Bernhardt of Wellington, Colorado Owner: Isabelle Ingraham of Frederick, Colorado Exhibitor: Isabelle Ingraham of Frederick, Colorado Total Class Entries: 11 Champion Prizes: Trophy and ribbon Second Place: Mr Silk Skip and Bailey Ceder of Lawrence, Nebraska Third Place: Metallic Blaze and Lainey Grewing of Gainesville, Texas Fourth Place: Catto Wampus and Kamryn Ann Davis of Gypsum, Colorado Fifth Place: Sheza Great Lil Step and Jenae Lee of Stilwell, Kansas Sixth Place: Xtra Diamond Step and Roman Moran of Biloxi, Mississippi Seventh Place: Kings Quixotes Chex and Harper Frost of Tucson, Arizona Eighth Place: Hydrive Merada and Cyndee Ann Rider of Prairie View, Kansas Ninth Place: No Surprise Here and Savanna McGuire of Bellvue, Colorado Tenth Place: Justa Genuine Dual and Dagny Jean Grissom of Golden, Colorado