Why Raising Kids Around American Quarter Horses Is Great

Why Raising Kids Around American Quarter Horses Is Great

Horseback riding teaches children countless lessons and instills long-lasting values.

three AQHYA exhibitors stand with a dark bay American Quarter Horse (Credit: Journal)

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From barn chores to blue-ribbon wins, American Quarter Horses have been teaching life lessons since the breed’s inception. Horse owners know the countless things horseback riding, mucking stalls and horse showing can teach you, and many parents raise their kids around horses because of this. "Is horse riding good for children?"  You betcha!

We were interested to know why you think raising children around American Quarter Horses is great. We posed the question on social media and gathered your answers here.

Question: “Raising kids around American Quarter Horses is great because ______________.”

The answers we received from our fans on social media:

  • Kids learn to look at the world in a different view when they grow up taking care of an animal as loving and caring as a horse.

  • Horses teach kids kindness, love, compassion and responsibility.

  • Horses teach kids patience, persistence, dedication and loyalty.

  • Horses teach kids mutual respect.

  • Horses and kids develop a friendship that will last forever.

  • Horses teach kids that hard work plus dedication equal success.

  • Horses teach kids how to be gracious when you win or lose.

  • Horses teach kids that the most important thing is to have fun.

  • Horses teach kids how to dream.

Why Parents Choose Horses Over Other Sports

We loved this answer from one fan:

“We all get to be involved! Mom/Dad don’t have to sit on the sidelines like other kids' sports.”

We loved reading your comments on why you think raising kids around American Quarter Horses is great. Follow AQHA’s official social media pages and keep an eye out for future questions!

Resources to Make Horses Fun for Kids

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