AQHA Breeders Banquet

The AQHA Breeder Banquet, presented by Teton Ridge, will be at 6 p.m. on Sunday, February 27, during the 2022 AQHA Convention at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Each year, AQHA honors breeders who have dedicated their livelihoods to maintaining the integrity of the American Quarter Horse breed. These horsemen, horsewomen and their families see their biggest accomplishments and proudest moments in the horses they breed.

The American Quarter Horse Association is excited to host the AQHA Breeder Banquet, presented by Teton Ridge, during the 2022 AQHA Convention. The banquet is slated for 6 p.m. Sunday, February 27, at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

During the AQHA Breeder Banquet, AQHA will recognize the following recipients:

2021 AQHA Cumulative Breeders

  • Bill Van Norman of Tuscarora, Nevada
  • Bruce Croal of Weyburn, Saskatchewan
  • Clegg Livestock Co. Inc. of Tooele, Utah
  • Cleon Parkin of Cherokee, Oklahoma
  • Clifford G. Tibbs of Fort Pierre, South Dakota
  • Dan Churchill of Moline, Illinois
  • Dr. M. D. Gardner of Shannon, Illinois
  • Ellis L. Schaub and Sons of Grafton, Iowa
  • Gregg E. Reisinger of Eldora, Iowa
  • H. G. Adams IV of Mason, Texas
  • Ian Macrae of Hardisty, Alberta
  • J. C. Jackman of Clewiston, Florida
  • J. H. Wicker Ranch of Lubbock, Texas
  • James L. Fowler of Desdemona, Texas
  • Jay H. Livermont of Wanblee, South Dakota
  • Lightsey Saul Jr. of Canyon, Texas
  • Milford A. Koehn of Elkader, Iowa
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Irwin of Aldergrove, British Columbia
  • Parker Ranch of Kamuela, Hawaii
  • Paul A. and Nancy L. Kunkel of Bedford, Kentucky
  • Purina Research Farm of Gray Summitt, Missouri (Equine Division)
  • Ralph R. Porch of Wanblee, South Dakota
  • Randy Magers of Comanche, Texas
  • Tom A. Davis of Brigham City, Utah
  • Whitewater Inc. of North Platte, Nebraska

2021 AQHA Legacy Breeders:

  • Adams Ranch of Tulia, Texas
  • C. William and Jacqueline Martin of Millsap, Texas
  • Dr. Edward C. Allred of Cypress, California
  • George J. Stauffer of Barneveld, Wisconsin
  • Jake E. Braun and Sons of Beechy, Saskatchewan
  • Nancy Stolz Petterson of Monmouth, Oregon
  • Raymond W. Sutton Jr. of Gettysburg, South Dakota
  • Roger Voss of Hastings, Nebraska
  • Santiago Barrera Jr. of San Diego, Texas

2021 75-Year Breeder:

  • Frost Quarter Horses Inc of Jiggs, Nevada
  • S T Ranch of Bishop, California

2020 AQHA International Best Remuda:

  • Fazenda Campanario of Laguna Carapa, Brazil

2021 AQHA International Best Remuda:

  • Estancia San Rafael of Puan, Argentina

2021 AQHA Best Remuda:

  • Miller Land & Livestock of Big Piney, Wyoming

2020 AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder of the Year:

  • Weaver Quarter Horses of Big Sandy, Montana

An email with more information was sent directly to each breeder. If you have questions or did not receive your email as an honoree, email