John Deere Equine Discounts for AQHA Members are Here

John Deere Equine Discounts for AQHA Members are Here

You don’t have to go far to find Equine Discounts on easy-to-use John Deere Equipment.

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A love of horses is the biggest requirement.

Western. English. Racing. At, there’s something for everyone, starting with:

Overview of discount programs for Full Time Members, Part Time Members and Racetracks. If you love horses, there is a John Deere Equine Discount for you. The discounts are our way of saying thank you for your enthusiasm for the equine industry.

The Equine Discounts. Our goal is to make it easier for you to get the equipment you need to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. Check out a list of the discounts you can get on John Deere Equipment. No matter what type of equine member you are, the savings are great.  To discuss which program is right for you and see what discounts you may qualify for, give us a call, 866-678-4288 or view on our website.

How-to videos to tackle any task. Keeping your property in tip-top shape and caring for your horses is a labor of love. Our collection of how-to videos is labor-simplified. Based on the simple philosophy that everything is easy when you have the right tools and instruction.

On our site, get a look at how-to-use a pallet fork grapple.  Unveil the secret that makes using a 3-point hitch even easier. Then review how to repair a gravel drive using a box blade. Pretty smooth there.

For a complete list of John Deere How-To videos for your stable, farm or home, visit

Customer stories and equipment reviews. We call them “Stories From The Stable”. You’ll call them cool. Get to know Rita Hunsucker, the breeding manager and emergency vet technician, at the Wagaonhound, Land and Livestock Company in Douglas Wyoming.

Then, visit Karen Knies, owner and teacher, at Canter Down Farms in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and Reigning Horse Champion, Tom McCutcheon, owner, trainer and competitor at Tom McCutcheon Reigning Horse, Inc in Texas. The customer reviews and stories are real. The passion for horses? Goose bumps. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you live for what you do.

A deep dive into easy-to-use John Deere equipment. Want just the nuts and bolts? We got you covered. Link to all kinds of Equine Equipment overviews and specifications. Everything from Riding Lawn Mowers, Compact Utility Tractors (CUTs) and Crossover Utility Vehicles (XUVs) to Utility Tractors (UTs) and Commercial Mowers.

Check out how our Quik-Knect System attaches rear PTO powered implements to Compact Utility Tractors in a snap. Or how Mechanical Self-Leveling Loaders are now available on even our Sub-Compact Tractors. That’s the kind of thing that can make any kind of loader work easy. The list is deep and full. The simplicity, a welcome breath of fresh air.

A look at history in the making.  Did you know John Deere has been the official equipment supplier of the equine industry since 2001? Or that our founder, John Deere, was a blacksmith who fit horseshoes 184 years ago with the same precision and excellence that goes into our equine equipment today? You can count on it.

Personal assistance and registration. Got a question? Need help understanding how it all works? Just give us a call today. Call 866-678-4288 and we’ll walk you through everything.

What equine discount program is right for you?

Find out which John Deere Equine Discount Program is right for you. Visit today. And don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-678-4288 for help with registration or questions about the different discount programs. Verification of association membership and program eligibility is required.  And we’re here to help.

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