Dally Team Roping

A judged (instead of a timed) competition where the heading and heeling horses are entered and judged individually. There is a one-minute time limit, with each roper being allowed two loops from one rope.

December 11, 2020 | News and Publications , Timed / Speed events
Professional roper Jackie Crawford demonstrates her drills for desensitizing a new rope horse.
November 14, 2020 | Showing , Timed / Speed events
An exhibitor at the 2020 Farnam AQHA and Adequan Select World Championship Show competes in honor of a friend fighting cancer.
September 18, 2020 | News and Publications , Timed / Speed events
Hone your rope horse warm-up strategy with 8 tips from AQHA Professional Horseman Clay Logan.
August 14, 2020 | Timed Events , Training
Jackie and Charly Crawford map their method for creating a legitimately rope-broke horse.
June 25, 2020 | News and Publications , Timed / Speed events
Rodeos and jackpots can be lucrative for youth ropers, but here’s how AQHA roping can benefit you too.
May 18, 2020 | News and Publications , Timed / Speed events
The history behind the 1989 AQHA-Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association horses of the year.
April 16, 2020 | Timed Events , Timed / Speed events
Avoid burnout in roping cattle and increase longevity with these tips from AQHA World Champion Heeler Nick Sarchett and Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
March 25, 2020 | Showing , Rodeo
Taylor Santos’ road to victory at the 2020 Timed Event Championship.
December 12, 2019 | News and Publications , The American Quarter Horse Journal
BRTSendingMyRegards is only the 52nd horse in AQHA history to earn the AQHA Open Supreme Champion title.
December 12, 2019 | Timed Events , The American Quarter Horse Journal
AQHA has partnered with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association since 1989 to recognize the top American Quarter Horses in speed events.

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