AQHA offers a variety of ways to get involved with your American Quarter Horses. Learn more by exploring all of AQHA's disciplines.


Dig in and let the dirt fly with the world's greatest racing horse, the American Quarter Horse.


American Quarter Horses and ranching go hand in hand, and it's AQHA's goal to preserve that tradition for years to come.

Trail Riding

Hit the trails with your trusty American Quarter Horse.


AQHA shows are perfect for demonstration your American Quarter Horse's versatility and talents.

Timed Events

Race into the fast-paced world of American Quarter Horse timed event competition.

November 17, 2019 | Racing Racing
Horse racing is unlikely to return to the shuttered track.
November 17, 2019 | Showing Awards and recognition
November 17, 2019 | Racing Racing
November 16, 2019 | News and Publications Superhorse
November 16, 2019 | Showing Horsemanship

Upcoming Events

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