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Log in to track your horse's progress earning AQHA points.

Show Schedule

Find a show near you to compete with your American Quarter Horse.


Find results and leaders lists for AQHA competitions.

Find a Trainer

Find the ideal AQHA Professional Horseman to train your horse and help you achieve success in and out of the show ring.

Resources for Exhibitors

Find all the resources you need to help you and your horse excel in the AQHA arena. AQHA answering service (weekends/after 5pm CDT emergencies only) (806) 371-6334

Resources for Show Managers

Find all the forms, guidelines and other information to help manage your AQHA show. Should you need assistance outside of normal business hours please contact the answering service who will get you in touch with show staff that is on call at that time; (806) 371-6334.

December 04, 2020 | News and Publications Get Started with Horses
Finding a trainer to provide lessons to your child is more than simply running a web search for a local coach, it can take a few auditions to find the right personality to pair with the student.
December 04, 2020 | News and Publications Get Started with Horses
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