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September 13, 2023 | Showing , Ranching
From veterinarians to trainers to farriers, everyone in your stable of people helps make the ride more enjoyable—and longer-lasting.
September 09, 2023 | ,
There are a lot of things to consider when selecting stalls for your horse barn, including animal comfort and safety, functionality and style.
August 03, 2023 | ,
How do you determine the correct saddle pad for your horse? Learn the importance of choosing a saddle pad with the correct length and thickness for your horse to make riding more enjoyable.
June 16, 2023 | News and Publications , Recreational riding
This former Quarter Horse racehorse is running to a new career helping veterans.
June 07, 2023 | News and Publications , Horse Health and care
Equine skin and coat health is complicated. KineticVet’s EquiShield line of products offer horse-friendly solutions for nearly every skin or coat ailment.
May 02, 2023 | News and Publications , Ranching
The AQHA Executive Committee recently reviewed and took action on recommendations from the AQHA Board of Directors, which met at the 2023 AQHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.
March 30, 2023 | News and Publications , AQHA Memberships
The NEW AQHA Fan Zone is free to anyone who loves the American Quarter Horse or just wants to learn more.
February 27, 2023 | News and Publications , Conferences, conventions and seminars
The 2023-2024 AQHA Executive Committee was elected during the 2023 AQHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.
February 21, 2023 | News and Publications , The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum
This year's Hall of Fame class includes four men and three horses.
February 13, 2023 | , Healthcare and medication
From proven arthritis medications to nutritional supplements, understanding the differences among joint product types can make a real difference in your horse’s long-term mobility.